Video: How to Determine Your Novel’s Word Count | Jeff Somers and the Rough Beast, Episode 3

This video series follows author Jeff Somers (author of Writing Without Rules) as he begins and works on a new science fiction novel, tentatively titled Rough Beast. Demonstrating the tips that appear in his upcoming WD book, Jeff checks in at regular intervals to discuss how to write a novel, as well as the progress he’s made (or the lack thereof), the problems he encounters, and the decisions he makes as he goes from Chapter One to an 80,000+ word novel over the course of several months. Along the way, he is frequently assaulted by cats, suffers frequent existential crises, and discusses the art and craft of fiction in detail.

Episode 3: How to Determine Your Novel’s Ideal Word Count


Jeff has finished the first chapter of his new novel Rough Beast, and he takes a moment to contemplate the utility (or lack thereof) of using word count as a progress bar in a book. He discusses the fact that his first published novel was far from oft-cited word counts for viable novels, and the fact that forcing yourself to write words you’re just going to delete later is a waste of time. This video also proves that just because you have access to stock photos doesn’t mean you know how to use them.

Writing Without Rules

How to Write & Sell a Novel Without Guidelines, Experts, or (Occasionally) Pants

Whether you’re a plotter, a pantser, or somewhere in between, Writing Without Rules is for those writers who are looking for a fresh take on tackling the challenge of writing and selling a novel, and building a career. As Somers will show you, it’s less about being perfect in everything, and more about having the confidence to complete everything. Get a copy here.

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