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Hi Writers,
I’m so glad to finally be back from my long holiday/vacation. I hope your holidays were both peaceful and productive. A special thanks to Brian and Kara for keeping the blog fires burning while I was away.

Oh the pressure! OK, I really wanted to do a highly intellectual post for this, my first blog of 2008. But frankly, the most literary thing I’ve done in the past two weeks is go on The Cat in the Hat Ride at Universal Studios, Orlando (which is fabulous, by the way).

So instead, I’d like to offer up the following entertaining feature brought to you by Authors with Tattoos

Brief excerpt:
Tattoos are no longer the symbol of rebellion they once were but for many people, including plenty of authors, they have deeply personal meanings and, sometimes, there is a story behind the writer’s artwork.

Of course, I’ve been on the cutting edge of this trend for awhile… ahem… I believe I’ve mentioned my Strunk & White tattoo previously here on The Writer’s Perspective. Yes, I know all about the joy of having a meaningful, symbolic tat (that’s what we hipsters call our tattoos).

How about you. Do you—or have you ever considered—a tatoo, especially one that’s symbolic to your writing? If so, show us your ink—and tell the story behind it of course—on the WD forum

Keep Writing,

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7 thoughts on “Showing your ink

  1. Pam Hogeweide

    i’ve got lots of tattoos and at 43 i’m not done yet. check this out: my first paid assignment was an article for our city’s newspaper about tattooed pastors. what did i do with my earnings? yep, got a new tattoo.

    (you can read my tattoo stories at my blog. complete with pics as well as posts about why i have the number 13 inked on my wrist and how i became a tattoo collector in the first place…)

    link it here at

  2. Rebecca Adcox

    I’ve got a meaningful tattoo of a wolf on my bicep (and I’m with Tom Bently on this one), and then another not-so-meaningful one…somewhere else. I get scorn from, eh, older people and the more conservative folk, but in general people just don’t care. Occasionally people rave.

    Plus, everything I have is easily covered. Except for my nose ring, of course.

    What I can’t imagine is how body decorations could be considered to hinder a person’s (work) quality. Unless I tattoo my fingertips nothing’s going to affect my writing ability. In fact, I think writers SHOULD be expressive and creative wherever the opportunity SHOWS itself.

  3. Tom Bentley

    I have a beauty on my bicep (though the bicep could use some work). It’s a pretty large Mark Twain smoking a stogie, in lovely blacks and whites and greys. The tattoo artist was stoked when I brought in a photograph of Twain for him to work with; he had a teacher that had turned him on to Twain in grade school, and the artist had read many of his works, which we discussed.

    Of course, it could have been Ryan Seacrest instead, but since I find Mr. Twain more entertaining (as well as regard him as our greatest writer), Ryan will have to wait.


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