My Archival Wanderings: WD Covers of the 70s

Hi Writers,
I wanted to share more of my WD archival excavations with you.

Today’s exhibit: Writer’s Digest covers from the ’70s, which are, shall we say, expressive.
For propriety’s sake, I’m restraining my own commentary, but I encourage yours. Enjoy.

Keep Writing,

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8 thoughts on “My Archival Wanderings: WD Covers of the 70s

  1. Maria Schneider

    Hi Christina,
    The author of that cover story is Ann Toland Serb. I don’t think that cover photo is her, though, it was probably a model or a stock photo. It’s a long piece, so I’m not going to post it here, but I’ll copy it and mail it to you.

  2. Stargirl

    These covers are way too funny! Thanks for sharing!

    Twelve ways sex, dope and alcohol make you a better writer? Do I want to know? I hope that’s just for the April Fool’s Day joke. If not, I may need to stop reading WD… Just kidding, I know it was the 70s.

    By the way, I really like your blog.


  3. Ryk Stanton

    This is a good lesson in reading back a few months before posting a comment. Your last post mentioned this exacty thing, and apparently this is an idea you’ve already been pursuing. Sorry about that prior comnment.

    Know that you have one more supporter for this great idea!

  4. Ryk Stanton

    This post reminded me of something I thought of several weeks ago and did not know who to mention it to.

    GIT Corporation has been digitally rendering comic books and selling entire runs on DVD-ROM for the past few years. For example, I now own the entire Amazing Spider-Man series from #1 – #505 (I also own complete runs of X-Men, Avengers, Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Fantastic 4). These DVD-ROMs cost about $50, but I think they are well worth the price.

    And I think a DVD-ROM that captured every issue of Writer’s Digest would be an incredible asset to all writers. I am 40 years old and have subscribed to (and collected) WD since the mid-80s, but I know there were decades of issues before my time (I checked Wikipedia – it’s been around since 1920?!?). The wonderful advice about writing has been archived somewhere (I hope), and I would love to have it available to us. At the same time, this would provide added revenue for WD.

    Ms. Schneider, is there any chance of this ever happening?

  5. Elizabeth

    These covers look more like cheap tabloids. Especially Aprill 74 and July 77. Too funny. How WD has grown. Then again, will our adult grandschildren think the same about today’s covers thirty years from now?



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