Maria Gets Cheap

Hi Writers,
I met up with one of my favorite WD forumistas this morning at the Joseph-Beth bookstore here in Cincy—the one and only “Ultimate Cheapskate” (aka Jeff Yeager).

Jeff has been pedaling his bike around the country on a book tour to spread his gospel of cheapness. You can read all about Jeff and his amusingly cheap ways on The Ultimate Cheapskate website. You might also catch one of his regular guest appearances on the “Today” show.

Among the ways Jeff is making his booktour extra cheap is by sleeping on the couches of random strangers and he donates the money saved on lodging to local libraries. Not sure I’d recommend this strategy but it seems to be working for him.

Pictured here:
* Jeff handing me the check for our coffee, which I kept, um, forgetting to pay. “You know, you actually have to pay those things when they bring them to you. It’s not like a hymnal,” Jeff said.

* The Ultimate Cheapskate touring bike (which I think might just be a prop since I saw him load it into the back of his minivan, shhh!) There’s a plastic piggy bank strapped to the back that I got to sign.

* Jeff with his ultra-primo display space at Joseph-Beth Bookstore.

As Jeff says, “Stay Cheap!” It’s a good way for a writer to live, isn’t it now.

Keep Writing,

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3 thoughts on “Maria Gets Cheap

  1. mary ulrich

    How great that you both got together. Jeff is such a nice guy, and his message of "cheapness" is bigger than just holding on to nickels.

    I am embarrassed to say, I just got the yellow shirt, the bike, helmet and the "Tour de Cheapskate" connection to the Tour de France. So Cheapskate is like our own Lance Armstrong??

  2. Kirby

    Maybe he’s a closet rich man. You know…keeping up the cheapskate persona for selling books. My guess is that he might own a couple of islands by now and…shall I dare say it…I think he may also buy things not on sale lol…can’t even say that with a straight face…double lol. Jeff will always be the Ultimate Cheapskate.

  3. JustinS

    I thought the only reason any of us wrote anything was for the inevitable fame and fortune? And that any author with a book deal spent his days rolling around in bathtubs full of cash.
    Why, this man doesn’t even act like he owns his own Caribbean island.

    I’m so confused…


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