Brian A. Klems went to L.A. and all I got was this dumb video

Hi Writers,
I sent our online managing editor (you know him, you love him) Brian A. Klems out to L.A. to cover BEA (Book Expo America) and the Writer’s Digest Books/BEA Writers Conference (which happened yesterday). I’m sure you’ll agree this was pretty nice of me to send Brian to L.A. while I sit in my cube in Cincinnati holding down the Writer’s Digest fort.

All I’ve gotten out of Brian so far is a link to this (admittedly hilarious, delightfully short) You Tube video, “Book Launch 2.0.” Check it out. And let’s hope that Brian at least brings us back T-shirts.

Keep Writing,

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6 thoughts on “Brian A. Klems went to L.A. and all I got was this dumb video

  1. Mary_MO

    Since I’m new at this writing career I’ve set for myself, the video has me rethinking my choices. Okay, maybe only a little. Intimidating as it may seem, I’m willing to at least try to get my novel published once it is completed. I guess, I’ll be stocking up on tissues for when the rejections start coming, followed closely by my crying.

  2. Kristan C.

    That video is high.Larious. And also a big ouchy kick in the keister. I long for the days when authors were courted and could just sit around waiting for publishers and agents to come to THEM (er, not that I remember those days.) It’s a good reminder about how much times have changed, and–for better or for worse–how many additional marketing avenues (too many?) a writer can and should take advantage of. Thanks for sharing.

  3. CathySmith

    This YouTube should be entitled, "How To Say No" or "How Not To Sell A Book"! It is actually pathetic that authors have to jump hoops to be able to share something of themselves with the world.

  4. Ann

    Part of me kind of chuckles at this video, then on the other hand it is kind of sad 🙂 It could be a little stressful thinking about all those things writers need to do these days in addition to actually "writing"! Talk about creating a writers block!! 🙂


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