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Hi Writers,
Anyone who blogs and is interested in learning how to write about a very serious topic should check out Patry Francis’ blog Simply Wait.

I wrote about Patry in my previous post. She’s an author who’s battling cancer. She’s been chronicling that battle on her blog recently.

Here’s a brief excerpt from a recent post, but please go to her blog and read it in full. It’s a lovely piece of writing:

I promise to stop writing about “my trip to the hospital” soon. Very
soon! But apparently, I’m a classic case of a writer who doesn’t get
out much. It’s not that I don’t see lots of people every day. Family,
friends, and friends of the kids flow in and out in a wonderful stream.
They bless my life–all of them–even when I bellow, (most often
internally) “Hey, I’m trying to get some work done here!”

what I’ve missed from my waitressing days, and what the hospital
provided was interaction with the wider world. People I didn’t know.
Stories I hadn’t heard. Catalysts to insights and thoughts that
stretched far beyond myself and my beloved few. The stream that becomes
a vast, transformative river. In the hospital, I walked into that river

For my second surgery, I only had one request: I wanted
to go back to the same floor, White 7, where I already knew the nurses
and the aides, the dietary and housekeeping staff. I loved them all.
But it was probably the intimacy of sharing a room with various
strangers, all enduring their own crises, that affected me most.

It’s challenging, but it is possible to handle serious topics in a delicate, even uplifting way. I’d like to assemble a list of blogs that are covering sensitive topics well, as Patry’s does. Please leave your recommendations in the comments section.

Keep Writing,

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One thought on “Blogs: Handling sensitive subjects

  1. mary ulrich

    Hi Maria,

    I am really struggling with the topic you raised. I have been writing about "sensitive subjects" in my life for free to newsletters, professional journals and teachers, parents… and other non-profit groups. I am not a big fan of blogs just because of the time it takes to keep up with them.

    My guess is that if a person is getting emotional support on the blog and it is personally therapeutic then do it. But the goal of sharing YOUR experiences should be that it feels right for YOU, it is helping YOU in dealing with YOUR fight in YOUR recovery. If it gives the author power and support then great!


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