Chuck Sambuchino, Me, Kevin and John Warner cutting loose
after the Writer’s Digest conference

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6 thoughts on “Post-Conference

  1. :Donna

    It’s nice to see the faces behind the words (we so avidly read) in a candid, and obviously genuine moment of enjoyed comraderie 🙂 So glad you had a great time!

  2. Vickie Duncan

    Oh!! Hoping someone can help me! Until my computer gets
    on its regular server, I am unable to contact all of you
    through the regular channels. Listen, I don’t know why
    this is so important to me; it just is. Recently, I read
    the book "Love You, Mean It" by the four widowed authors
    who lost their husbands on 9-11. I had an address to write
    them in New York…and I did. Sent them "My Story"..I, too,
    am a widow with a different ending. I havent’ heard from
    anyone. Will I?? Is it possible that they will actually
    read my letter…a truth..and respond? I hope so…as it
    is, it is extremely important to me that this story be told..
    someone..somewhere..needs to hear this. Can anyone help

    I would love to write individual writers here connected to
    WD. I have a subscription and try to write when I can..but
    unable to send to others for critique and help. Would
    appreciate any response..thank you!

    Vickie Duncan
    Dugway, Utah 84022


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