Announcing a new series: OFF THE PAGE

Hi Writers,
Anyone who still doubts the rising significance of blogs—especially in the publishing world—needs to check out this article from the Sunday New York Times.

The Author Will Take Q.s Now

It’s a lowdown on the new age of book tours via blogdom. Here’s an excerpt:

Bloggers have written about books since, well, the beginning of blogging. But a blog book tour usually requires an author or publicist to take the initiative, reaching out to bloggers as if they were booksellers and asking them to be the host for a writer’s online visit. Sometimes bloggers invite authors on their own. In an age of budget-conscious publishers and readers who are as likely to discover books from a Google search as from browsing at a bookstore, the blog book tour makes sense.

Anyway, this article got me thinking that I’d really enjoy opening this blog up to author interviews, and I think you writers would enjoy that, too.

There’s never quite enough space in the print version of Writer’s Digest to include all of the interviews I’d like to include. So I’m starting a new series here on The Writer’s Perspective:

Off The Page: The unbound WD Interview

I’ll be kicking this series off next week, so stay tuned. Authors, publicists, agents, if you’d like to pitch me an interview, please send press releases to with “Off the Page” in the subject line.

And writers, please drop me a comment and let me know who you’d like to see on “Off the Page.”

Keep Writing,

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