And The Beat Goes On

Hi Writers,
With the competitiveness and general sense of ennui the literary world often inspires, it’s hard not to get down with the whole scene sometimes. And you may then start asking yourself: Why am I doing this? Why have I thrown my hat in with this dysfunctional lot? Why did I not pursue my alternate goal of becoming an accountant/ street mime/ dog whisperer?

I think we all go through that. And I was feeling just that way when, this Sunday, I came across this lovely story about teen writers in my city newspaper The Cincinnati Enquirer, “Teens writing for a change.”

Check it out. Teenagers, who could be out getting something pierced, chatting with their future ex on MySpace or any manner of other things, choosing instead to spend an evening sharing their writing. Apparently, the influence of street poetry brought via the hip hop culture has gotten kids interested in creating their own poetry.

This put a smile on my face. I’ve never been to a poetry open-mic night, but I’m going to make a point of going to the Greenwich Tavern now to check one out.   

Is there something positive and writerly going on in your corner of the world? Do tell. Your fellow writers could use the boost. Please post it here or on the WD forum.

Until next time…

Keep Writing,
P.S. I leave you with my favorite cartoon strip, “Agnes
in which Agnes has the excellent idea of creating a Beat Poet Action Figure.
What beat poet would make a good action figure? Ginsberg? Kerouac perhaps?

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5 thoughts on “And The Beat Goes On

  1. bob

    Hey Fido, I motioned four times with five fingers
    to lay way down and pay off debt like an accountant,
    but he keeps whispering for some imaginary action
    figure poet and tells me to roll-over like rover
    or grab a mic since after all I am a stand up

    (Fido lifts leg on lengthy commands,plays dead then begs for forgiveness)

    Mic says good post back to Maria!

  2. Emily Kretschmer

    You’re forgetting the Beat women. Everybody does. Diane di Prima (famous in her own right but who also consorted with Leroi Jones), Hettie Jones (Leroi Jones’s wife), Joyce Johnson (Jack Kerouac’s companion), Carolyn (Neal’s wife) Cassady, and Joan Vollmer whose husband Bill Burroughs shot her dead when he tried to shoot an apple off her head.

  3. Brak

    If you’re looking for a good action figure idea, I’d put my money down on Kung-Fu Kerouac. He comes complete with sidekick "Battlin’" Bill Burroughs and a dozen packs of rolling papers…

  4. Jack Loudermilk

    Reminds me of the "beatnik" era I…er…ah…read about. There’s even a current car commercial showing a young man reciting words of poetic doom until the new car drives by and the driver yells something about the price. The young nah sayer then starts switches to words of hope.


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