Hi Writers,
I’m kicking off a new project here on my blog: Project 20/20. No, this is not an attempt to solicit funds for my Lasik© surgery (although, if you like, send c/o Writer’s Digest, 4700 E. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236).

This purpose of this project is to build my blogroll. I’ve been thinking, you know, blogging is all about sharing and connecting and being part of larger and larger circles now, isn’t it?

Now, look at my blogroll. I know, except for the (entirely awesome) WD Blogs, it’s skimpy. Not being a very good bloggess now am I? (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I just made up the word “bloggess”).

So here’s the deal: There are 20 Fridays left in 2007. Starting next Friday, I’m going to highlight one writer’s blog each week then add it to my guaranteed-to-be-fabulous blogroll.

I’m looking for blogs that:
• are dedicated to the topic of writing and/or publishing
• are updated frequently
• are owned and maintained by private individuals

So if you want me to check out your blog, drop a comment here.

Keep Writing,
p.s. there’s still a raging debate on the f*** word going on in the forum.
Thanks to all who expounded so eloquently on the f*** word, especially Jay, who wrote a Master’s thesis on the topic in my comments section. This is for you Jay: u*********.

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88 thoughts on “PROJECT 20/20: HELP ME BUILD MY BLOGROLL

  1. :Donna

    Maria, I don’t know if you are notified every time there’s a post to your site, but I’m hoping so!

    Just today I came across a great blog (IMO) that you might want to post about on your blog and add to your blogroll. It’s:

    I can’t imagine you won’t like it 🙂 Thanks!
    : Donna

  2. Erin

    I’m probably way late, but if you ever decide to embark on a Part 2, I’d love to be included!

    I’ve been blogging for over six years, and journaling for the better part of twenty. I’m 28-years-old and I write twisted short stories, daily updates about my life and child, and short memoir pieces. I used LiveJournal for years and years and built up a readership base of 300+, but I’ve been on my own now for the past three months, basically starting from scratch. It’s been a tough but fun transition!


  3. Lisa Guidarini

    Crosing my fingers major big time, here’s my blog link:

    It was mentioned in the NY Times this past September, as one of the blogs writers turn to for promotion when they get sick of begging Borders to do something for them:

    I’m also a columnist at, I work in a library and I run a writers’ group here. Oh, and as of next February I’ll start teaching writers’ workshops locally, at libraries and bookstores.

    Crossing every digit I have!!

    Lisa Guidarini

  4. Sera Phyn

    Hello! I’d like to throw my blog into the running for your Project 20/20 (which is a fantastic idea, by the way!). It’s called Incandescent and you can visit it at It’s new, but one I hope to keep rolling for quite a long time.

    The blog is geared toward fiction writers in general with a slight emphasis on novel-length work.

    Love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  5. Carol

    Hello Maria,

    If you have the time, please visit my blog entitled Romance Writer Woes. RWW describes the trials and tribulations of an aspiring romance writer, offers advice, logs my writing progress and other romance writing related topics.

    By the way, I love your week 11 blog choice. I’ve subscribed to Hope C. Clark’s newsletters for quite a while now always look forward to each issue. You couldn’t have added a more deserving blog to your blogroll. 🙂

    I apologize if you get this post more than once. It looks as though it might not have gone through.

  6. Kelly DuMar

    My blog is for parents who write diaries for their children and is based on my diary writing to my three children for over 20 years as well as my experience as a writing workshop facilitator and counselor, and my book, "Before You Forget – The Wisdom of Writing Diaries for Your Children," (2001). I update at least weekly, focusing on blending creativity, writing and parenting through the diary door. Thanks for considering it!

  7. Kerry Dexter

    my blogs have more to do with creative practice and music than writing specifically, but you may wish to check them out, anyway.

    hope to see you there —

  8. Toddie Downs

    I would love for you to consider my new blog for your blogroll. It’s called "WordHappy," and it’s a celebration of great writing in all its forms – books, magazines, screenwriting, blogs, even copywriting. I just started it, but I plan on posting at least 3 times a week. I thought it was important to put a purely positive blog on writing out there.

    Thanks for considering me!!


  9. C. Hope Clark


    Please take a peek at – entitled, appropriately, C. Hope Clark. It’s updated 3-5 times a week and gives busy writers a flash in the pan dose of FundsforWriters and me. A piece of funding that might help their writing career and a comment from me and what’s evolving with FFW or my personal writing. It’s short, sweet and to the point – just what most writers prefer to read considering ALL the blogs and online reading they are expected to do.


  10. Vicki Lane

    What a great idea! My blog features writing and fun rolled into one. Monday’s is check in day with the past week’s word count and goals for the upcoming week. There is encouragement and lot’s of Squee’s for exciting news. I also start the weekly contest on Monday. After that it’s writing info and fun.

    Hope you’ll consider mine.

  11. Susan Morgan

    I started a blog when my first novel was published back in June. I look at this as a place to share experiences, chronicle my writing journey, vent, talk astrology, parenting, world issues. The title, anything & everything pretty well sums it up.

    I’m not sure my blog fits in with exactly what you’re looking for, but I do try and keep writers in mind as I post, and provide support for all us writing parents out there…


    Here’s the address of my blog:

  12. Michele L. Tune

    Hi Maria,

    I try to be informative, encouraging, and inspiring through my blog,

    "Writing the Cyber Highway"

    At times, I share a market other writers can pursue, or a great writer’s reference book I may be reading. I always try to bring hope to writers and let them know they can make it.

    At the end of the day, writers just need a little kindness. After all, we’re all on the same path, writing the cyber highway….

  13. Kaye Manro

    Hi Maria!

    When I started my blog recently, I wanted it to be simple and easy as well as informative so that visitors would find it appealing and want to come back to add comments. I encourage other writers in my genre and post some of my own plot ideas and story excerpts along with information and links on writing. I also moderate an online critique group and work with an RWA chapter in my area. I love to encourage other writers. I believe we all must stick together and help each other along the way.

    It’s so good that you are doing this.



  14. Kelly Spitzer

    Hello, Maria,

    Wonderful that you’re doing this for writers! I hope you’ll check out my site at I run the Writer Profile Project and The Showcase, two threads dedicated to bringing attention to emerging writers. Soon, I will also be blogging about the book club I started, called the Dissident Book Club. Its focus is on small presses and under-read authors.

    Thank you for considering me.



  15. Rita

    Hi Maria,
    I just got this notice from WD, and I can see everyone’s ahead of me. My blog is called The Shades Writer. I’m really new at this, and I don’t have very much original content, but I’m working on it. I created the site after winning several writing contests and grants, and then being promptly barraged by writers who wanted to know how I did it, how to get started, where to look, etc. I found myself giving out the same info all day long everyday, so I thought, "why not put something up on the web so any- and everybody can access the info anytime they need."

    So that’s how I got here. I’ve received a few touching comments, and I want to continue sharing. I hope you enjoy it.

    Here’s the site:


  16. Jason Evans

    Hi Maria! I was pointed in your direction by a blog friend.

    My blog is The Clarity of Night ( There are many amazing and insightful writers out there who explore topics about writing technique, the writing life, and the publishing industry. My blog, however, explores creativity itself in fiction, poetry, photography, and occassional visits to the cemetery. I’d love to have you over for a visit!

  17. Daria Black

    I would love for you to stop by the Figmeant Writing Studio I offer weekly job postings, weekly writing prompts and articles to help writers with their journey into the industry and that’s just for starters. In the following months some great services for my fellow writers will be added including a forum where they will be able to promote themselves and their work.

    Thanks for offering this opportunity and have a great day 🙂

  18. Heather Kizewski

    I’m just learning the ropes of blogging. This is a little different – I just started doing this last week. This gets into some of the challenges and triumphs of memoir writing (and how you can’t really do it without pissing somebody off).

    Anyway click on the "Memoir Writing 101" link.

  19. Misti Sandefur

    I’d like to invite you to check out my Life of a Writer blog at There I blog about my writing life (of course) as well as my family. And because I know some of my readers are also writers, I sometimes leave writing tips based on what I’ve learned and my writing experience.

    I look forward to your visit and hope you find my blog interesting enough to be a part of your blogroll. Best wishes!

  20. Sharon Hurley Hall

    I just found your blog via Wordvixen at Writer’s Edge. This is a great way to enhance your blogroll. I hope you’ll consider adding Get Paid To Write Online. It’s a freelance mentoring blog where I talk about everything from dealing with clients to self promotion.

  21. Kathleen Valentine

    These are excellent leads. My blog at focuses on books and writing but I also write about art, knitting, and life in general.

    I would be willing to participate in a blog ring if there are others who want to do the same thing. Though I write about knitting rarely I am listed on a lot of knitting sites. Those knitters are the most active bloggers on the Net!!! But I’d love to be part of a literary blog ring.


  22. T Lee

    Hi Maria,

    What a nice idea you’ve started here.

    We’re a team of writers whose blog, the CWC (, focuses on writing, and writerly tangents.

    Thank you for having a peek.

    T Lee

  23. Dawn Goldberg


    Thanks for starting this. As writers, most of us are always interested in other writers’ blogs. What else is there? 🙂

    My blog, Write Well Me, is all about my journey as a writer and founder of Write Well U, a company that offers programs to help people become stronger writers. I write about writing, words, grammar, and life – since words the filter to understanding my journey.

    I’m looking forward to exploring all the sites listed here; if only there was more time…. 🙂


  24. Tom Colvin

    You have a generous and very useful idea — even the comments have directed me to places never before visited. So, thanks already, even though you have barely started.

    My blog at focuses on tools and trade secrets to help writers become more productive. I examine in detail, for example, various software tools, showing HOW they might be used by writers. I find I’m also blogging a lot about alternative routes to getting one’s work out to the public. Recently, I added to the blog YOUR ONLINE WRITER’S DESK, which anyone can visit and use with a click. This DESK gathers in one place a bundle on online writer’s tools and summaries of many blogs and podcasts about productivity and writing.

    The blog features a highly structured list of categories, which serve more like book chapters and sections to help writers find information they might need. I visualize my effort as part blog, part resource center.

    I started the blog in late December and add posts 2-3 times a week. I will certainly pick up links from the comments here that fit into my rather tightly focused theme, but rather than putting them in a blogroll, I’ll add them to my Recommended Websites pages, with a little annotation about what readers will find there.

    I hope you find the blog useful. And thanks again for your helpful attention on blogs by other writers. I’m a little late to your comments page, as I’m in the middle of a long research trip for my never-ending book.

    Tom Colvin
    Becoming A Writer Seriously

  25. Liz

    Hi Maria,

    I’m always keen to throw my hat (in this case, my blog) into the ring. My blog, My Year of Getting Published, focuses on writing, in particular travel writing. Here’s the tag line ‘This is my journey from dream to reality as I work toward becoming a successful freelance writer. My ultimate goal – to drop the day job and become a travelling writer.’

    The blog is full of resources, information,and links for writers.

    Cheers from New Zealand,

    Liz Lewis (aka Kiwiwriter)

  26. La Gringa

    I have a regularly updated blog called The Swivet that focuses specifically on SF/F writing and publishing. I post daily review updates for new SF/F books, and try to post links to articles that are helpful if you are a SF/F writer and reader. My background is sixteen years in independent bookselling, and eleven years in publishing, six of those doing marketing and publicity for science fiction and fantasy and pop-culture titles. I currently work for a large publisher, so I keep my real name off the blog but if you email me privately I’d be happy to answer any questions related to the marketing and publicity of science fiction and fantasy. I still occasionally post things that are non-publishing related, but it’s a personal blog and my hobby, so many of my friends and colleagues read it. I’d love to be part of your blogroll.


    La Gringa


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