Hi Writers,
It’s week 8 in my Project 20/20 Build my Blogroll contest and yes, it’s still hard for me to choose from all the great writing blogs out there.

I came across this week’s pick a couple of weeks ago when I was editing a feature this writer wrote for us on how online dating is similar to editor/ writer relationships (to come in our February 08 issue).

As I mentioned before, I like to get an idea about the freelancers who contribute to us. That’s when I found this charming fellow’s blog, my week 8 add:

Wordlustitude by Mark Peters.  

I don’t really even know what to call what Mark does on his blog, which takes a screwball look at modern English usage. I suppose you could say he’s building a sort-of dictionary for fringe elements (note: I include myself as a fringe element).

Maybe you could call Mark a loopy linguist? A loony lexicologist? At any rate, check it out, he’s hilarious (note to the sensitive among us: I wouldn’t exactly call this a G-rated site).  

Here’s one recent post:


noun. This describes you if black cats and other evil portents give you the heebie-jeebies, the creeps, an ulcer, and the wiggins. Boooooooo!

Related term: stitious.

Real citation: “My mom’s not just superstitious, she’s megastitious. She’s emailed my sister and I this chain mail today. My sister has multiple email accounts so mom emails it to her many mnay times…so she gets enough people in so she doesn’t end up having bad luck forever, or whatever. Anyway, I thought this one was very funny and had to share.”
(Sept. 3, 2007, Post Punk Kitchen,

Made-up citation: “Despite my atheistic ways, I can be megastitious. If you gave me thirteen cupcakes made of gold and rainbows, I think I’d run the other way.”

Mark, I welcome you to my vicious (blog) circle.

Check out wordlustitude, a daily laugh for word nerds everywhere. And I’d like to encourage you all to leave your made-up words here in my comments—I have a feeling that will get Mark’s attention.

Keep Writing,
P.S. There is some risque subject matter in this blog, so please be advised!

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4 thoughts on “PROJECT 20/20 BUILD MY BLOGROLL: WEEK 8 ADD!

  1. :Donna

    Maria, you warned people that it was risque, so if someone doesn’t want to read "risque", it is up to the person not to check out the blog.

    Btw, I know there’s at least one website somewhere in cyberspace that specializes in people’s made-up words 🙂
    : Donna

  2. Maria

    I realize there is somewhat risque subject matter in the blog, but I didn’t find it any more offensive than your typical PG-13 rated movie. And no, I don’t follow all of the links on the blogs I recommend.

    It’s definitely not politically correct, I’ll grant you that. But I have to admit, I found the blog clever and amusing, off-color humor or not. I think it’s interesting that he’s citing and cataloging silly words he’s discovered on the world wide web, I find this really interesting. At any rate, I’m very sorry you’re disappointed in my choice this week, I realize it’s not for everyone. I appreciate your readership.

  3. Michael


    Do you follow the links on the blogs you recommend?

    I checked out the blog and followed the links on a few of the submissions.

    From "nipplitudinous" I was directed to a "Nude Celebrity Reviews" site, complete with two photos of people having sex. Wow. I’ll bet that will inspire some great writing.

    Uncleplucker really added to my vocabulary by explaining that it was really a word for unclef***er.

    "teleprompterrific" at least warned me that "this blog contains adult content."

    Then there are the ones that bash religion and religious people. How informative those are, especially the one that tells us that laws against prostitution were "forced on us by religious old bitches." How creative.

    I’m sure this is all inspirational, hilarious stuff to some people, but it’s not what I expect from Writer’s Digest.

    Like I said at the beginning–maybe I’m just too old fashioned.


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