Hi Writers,
It’s FRIDAY! the most exciting day of the week in writing
blogdom. It’s the day of the week I add another writer’s blog to
my ever-expanding blogroll in my Project 20/20: Build my Blogroll contest. I’m adding one blog a
week, each Friday, for 20 weeks.

And today I’m announcing sweet number six, which belongs to a writer
who is also a Writer’s Digest frequent forumista. In fact, we’ve been
having the most interesting conversation about writing
blogs on the forum. Another frequent forumista, Ultimate Cheapskate, seems to think that writing a blog, a.k.a. giving away your work, is pointless. We had a really fascinating, slightly controversial subject about it, of course we had to point out to Cheapskate the error of his ways. Please check it out and add to the discussion you writer/bloggers.

With that I’d like to introduce my next blogroll add: A Writer’s Edge
by Georganna Hancock.

Georganna has been blogging since 2004. Three years seems like an eternity in blogdom, doesn’t it?

I liken blog years to dog years: 1 year blogging = 7 regular years.
21 years blogging! Amazing!

Georganna is perhaps even more obsessive/compulsive than I am in keeping up on publishing industry trends and news, and she shares freely, along with her own writing tips for success.

Please join me in welcoming Georganna to my lovely blog circledom.

Please note: I’ve added my original post about Project 20/20, which includes many of the blogs that have been nominated (in the comments section), in the left navigation here.

Keep nominating your favorite writing blogs–there are still 14 weeks to go!

Keep Writing,

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6 thoughts on “PROJECT 20/20: BUILD MY BLOGROLL WEEK 6 ADD!

  1. Kelley

    I’m thrilled. Georganna’s site is an incredible resource for all writers. Congrats to "A Writer’s Edge."

    I’m pleased, too, that you managed to pick such an eclectic range of blogs so far, Maria. Blogs can and should be as varied as we writers. 🙂 I’d love to see one picked now that is not just for writers, by a writer, or about writing, but one that’s all about THE writing? I’m thinking of one I know personally–he posts serialized shorts, runs some killer fiction contests…maybe something to consider? Thxs again, I look forward to these!

  2. Deborah Bouziden

    Maria, please check out the Nanowriter site. We are gearing up for another crazy writing month in November. Last year, I was hesitant to join, but my friend kept after me, so I did. I know the book I wrote in that month will never be published, but I learned so much. I am going to do it again this year. Yes, it’s hectic and crazy, but well worth it.

    Maybe the site could be one of your picks?????

  3. Georganna Hancock

    Thanks, Maria, for adding me to your "lovely blog circledom". Must I curtsy now? See, it really pays to suck up to the pit boss … and Jeff, the check’s in the mail. *thumbs up*

    Oops! I didn’t realize my OCD was showing. Well, in justification, I was well-trained to back up opinion with facts. I find it difficult, even in a blog, to editorialize when reporting news. This may be a deficiency in "A Writer’s Edge", making it less colorful than others. Still, I’d rather be know as valid and reliable than "that mouthy liberal broad."

  4. Linda

    Fantastic choice, Maria! Georganna’s blog has useful information, fascinating and fun entries, and a fabu blogroll of useful links (I got a few ideas for my own site from visiting her linked blogs). Peace, Linda

  5. Jeff Yeager

    Maria –

    Hooray! You have once again proven yourself and your editorial wisdom by including Georganna Hancock’s blog – A Writer’s Edge – in your blogroll. (Don’t tell anyone, as I have a reputation to uphold, but Geo’s blog is so terrific I’d actually be willing to pay for it.)

    As for my own miserly opinion re: blogging, did I tell you about my recent trip to New York to meeting with my publisher? I stayed at my usual $93/night hotel on seedy West 43rd Street, and a young lady clad all in spandex approached me as I entered the hotel that evening. “Hey, big fella’, wanna have a good time?” she asked. “Sure,” I responded, “but it’ll cost ‘ya.”

    Stay Cheap!
    Jeff Yeager,
    “The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches” – Coming January 15, 2008 from Broadway Books / Random House


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