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It’s week 5 in my ambitious Project 20/20. My goal is to spotlight one writer’s blog each Friday for 20 weeks and add it to my ever-growing roster of online writing buddies.

It’s always a pleasure to find out one of our freelancer writers for Writer’s Digest keeps a blog. In case you’re wondering whether or not editors actually read that stuff, I admit, yes I do check in on blogs when we’re looking at giving an assignment to a writer who’s new to us.

One of my favorite new freelancers to work with is Jenny Rough, and she writes the blog I’m adding to my blogroll this week: Roughly Speaking

If you’re a Writer’s Digest reader, you may recognize Jenny as the author of one of our October cover features entitled Off the Dole: How to stop depending on other’s to support your freelance writing career.

Jenny has a great voice and writes in a down-to-earth style about the nitty gritty of establishing a freelance writing career. Here’s a recent blog post she titled “Weekend.”

Full time freelance writing often means that one day runs into another into another into another. Instead of “work days” and “weekends” I simply have days. At least, that’s my approach. I realize some writers compartmentalize (on x days I must write x many pages in x many hours), but I tend to go with the flow (well, to the extent that I can while working within the bounds of my assignment deadlines). This often means I might be grocery shopping on Monday morning, but then working late Friday night (or Saturday or Sunday).

As a former freelancer myself, Jenny, I can relate—there is no such thing as “weekend” to the freelancer.

Another thing that really impresses me about Jenny is the consistency of her blogging. Jenny, please tell us how do you keep up the pace? Do you ever get blog burnout? And do you have a yoga move for that?

Roughly Speaking will now, forever and ever, be enshrined on my blogroll hall of fame.

Keep Writing,

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4 thoughts on “PROJECT 20/20 BUILD MY BLOGROLL: WEEK 5 ADD!

  1. Dennis Wenzel

    At first I wasn’t sure if people read the blogs, but I guess they do. It seems that comments come your way often. I have been writing a weekly devotional for seven years over an Internet list and three of them for my local newspaper. If I have a comment every month that is lots. Maybe I should consider blogging.

  2. Jenny R

    Thanks, Maria! I’m so grateful for the spotlight.

    I often fear I don’t keep up a fast enough pace when I blog…some bloggers are at it everyday or twice a day. But it’s been a fun endeavor. It’s a great "warm-up" to a writing day and a wonderful community to meet others.

    Glad you have joined the blosophere too!


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