Hi Writers,
Wow, we’re on week 11 of my Project 20/20 Build my Blogroll Project (see all the details in the left navigation). I’ve been adding a writer’s blog to my blogroll every Friday for 11 weeks now. More than 75 writer’s blogs have been nominated so far. I encourage you to check them out in the comments section of the Project 20/20 link.

This week’s add is all about the subject writer’s hate talking about but really need to know.
And that subject is—you guessed it—MONEY!

I’ve been acquainted with this writer for a while now. She provides such a valuable service to writers by tracking down grants and making the listings readily available.

Please check out this great resource/ blog by C. Hope Clark:
Funds For Writers

This blog will give you a great boost toward getting funds to enable you to write.

Thanks for all you do on behalf of writers, Hope.

Keep the nominations coming, there are still 9 spots to fill!

Keep Writing,

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4 thoughts on “PROJECT 20/20: BUILD MY BLOGROLL WEEK 11 ADD!

  1. Toddie Downs

    Hi Maria –
    I just commented on the original nominations post asking for consideration of my writing blog, "WordHappy" (just in case you didn’t see it).

    By the way, Hope’s blog and newsletter are the best! She’s a terrific, very helpful source for new and experienced writers alike.



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