Hi Writers,
Wow, thanks for all of the nominations for my Project 20/20: Build my Blogroll. I had a wonderful day sifting through the 50 or so blogs nominated. If you get a chance, go check out some or all of the blogs mentioned in my comments section below, there’s some great stuff there.

But alas, I had to choose just one for today. And it is:
The Urban Muse: Adventures in Reading, Writing and Living the Creative Life by Susan Johnston

Copywriter by day, freelancer by night, Susan is a young writer who’s chronicling her professional writing life, as well as offering resources for her fellow writers. She has some great interviews with industry insiders as well as lots of helpful tips. One of my favorites posts is: Five Ways to Promote Your Blog. Susan’s tone is personal yet still polished and professional. The design is clean and readable. There’s so much helpful information on her blog, really, I think I’m going to have to get her to do some writing for Writer’s Digest. Susan, please do stop by and tell us how you find the time to put this all together.

Susan’s URL is now inscribed on my blogroll, which is going to be filled by the end of this year. 20 blogs in 20 weeks. Be my BFF* (blog friend forever). Keep the nominations coming.

Keep Writing,
Your Bloggess (aka “The Pit Boss”)
P.S. you should try to get a job where someone pays you to look at blogs all day, it’s really quite entertaining.

* apologies for the lame yet ironic use of IM-speak.

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12 thoughts on “PROJECT 20/20: AND MY FIRST ADD

  1. patti

    Dear Maria,

    Congratulations on your position as Editor of Writer’s Digest. This is the first time I have visited any blog. I regret to say that although I have loved this magazine for more than a few years now, and considered it my writing bible, of late, I am disappointed.

    This last issue is the worst yet for me. I used to turn to this magazine for ways to improve my writing, develop plot, and character. Lately it seems to be more interested in advising how to handle yourself once you have become published, or how to earn money, info on agents, interviews with successful writers, what their workspace looks like, ect. There are also quite a bit more articles about poetry, and although I understand that you want to include poets as well, there is a whole other magazine devoted to this(Poets And Writers). Yes, there is a short article on creating characters in the current issue, but this cannot compare to the wonderful helpful articles that used to make me panic if I happened to leave my magazine behind somewhere. I felt like my writing career depended on it.

    Hopefully for Writer’s Digest, many fellow old timers of your magazine do not share my sentiment, but I would rather start re-reading the past 5 years of issues that I thankfully saved. This message was not intended with any malice, I just couldn’t keep it in any longer.

    patti cavaliere

  2. Gabrielle

    Hey, Maria!

    I’ve just started last month one of the only e-zines specifically for teen writers, called: "Innovative: A Word for the WriTeen." The current blog/website for the zine is at It has both weekly musings about different aspects of writing and feedback questions from the emailed zine.


  3. Michael

    I was impressed as soon as I opened Susan’s blog. The layout and design grabbed and soothed me before I could jump to something else.

    The informative content is easy to read and navigate, even for a grunting knuckle-dragger like me.

    Okay, I know you’re wondering about the "soothed" part. It’s the color. It works. I feel good there. If it could serve coffee through my screen, it would be better than the cafe at (pick your favorite bookstore).

    Maybe you have to be as much of a cafe and coffee addict as I am to appreciate that.

  4. Susan Johnston

    Thanks so much for the plug! I started the blog when I needed a creative outlet at my unfulfilling marketing job, but even now that I’m in a job where I get to write, I still couldn’t give up the blog. It’s kind of an addiction. And I would love to write for Writer’s Digest. 🙂


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