Ira Glass on Storytelling

Hi Writers,
I want to share this wonderful, instructional video I came across: Ira Glass on the art of storytelling. I’m a huge NPR “This American Life” fan and I also recommend “This American Life” on Showtime, which I suppose you might call short video stories of real people.

The following video was produced to educate aspiring video producers (via Current TV). Glass gives such a great description of the storytelling process, demystifying it and breaking it down into understandable pieces. Good to know whether you’re communicating through writing, video, radio or podcasts—good storytelling is good storytelling.

The series is broken down into four parts and I’m posting #1 here. You can watch all four parts in less than 15 minutes. Parts 2-4 will show up in the Related Videos on the You Tube page.

Let me know what you think…

Keep Writing,

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3 thoughts on “Ira Glass on Storytelling

  1. Cheryl Barker

    Maria, thanks for sharing this. I really loved the part where he said that failure is a big part of success and that if you’re not failing all the time, then you’re not putting yourself in a situation where you’ll get really lucky. Thinking of it like that sure helps put rejection into perspective, huh?


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