Writing challenge! Can you write an opening sentence to a story incorporating these 3 words? (Winners will be published in WD)

Your Story ContestLooking for a little Friday procrastination in the form of a writing challenge? Close that Excel spreadsheet you’re working on, minimize your boss’ emails or postpone your daily chores (come on, nobody would rather change a litter box than write, right?). Take five: It’s time for our Your Story contest.

Basically, in every issue we give our readers a chance to get  published in Writer’s Digest by responding to a writing prompt. Here’s the latest, from our November/December issue (featuring an interview with the awesome George RR Martin, I might add):


In 25 words or fewer, write the opening sentence to a story incorporating these three words: fresh, hair and tangled.


Want in? Post your entry in the Comments section below, and it’ll automatically be entered in the competition.

The rules:

  • Your sentence (just one, only one!) must be 25 words or fewer, no exceptions.
  • The deadline is Nov. 26, 2012.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • How it all works: We’ll select the top 10 entries and post them on our forum. In early December, readers will vote for their favorites to help rank the winners.
  • This is a free writing competition. The prize is publication in WD.
  • You can also submit your sentence via the form here.
  • Finally, as we say about this contest in the magazine: “You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc. It is, after all, your story.”

Good luck! One of the most fun things we get to do around here every issue is read the entries, and we appreciate every single word that comes in.

Now, to return to our Excel spreadsheets and litter boxes …

Happy Friday.

—Zachary Petit is an award-winning journalist, and the senior managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine.
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188 thoughts on “Writing challenge! Can you write an opening sentence to a story incorporating these 3 words? (Winners will be published in WD)

  1. fykes heathcliff

    I don’t see my entry do I post it here as well.
    I could not say anything intelligent to Linda; the scent of fresh lavender from her long hair tangled my senses rendering me speechless.

  2. thoughtfulsunflower

    Tangled hair hung in her face, soaking up fresh tears as she made the call “It happened again -worse-, I’m driving, lost and…I’m naked!”

  3. Jyl

    Randy smiled, determined not to insult his new wife’s cooking ability, but the zombie’s hair, fresh and undercooked, tangled with his tongue for mouth space.

  4. soham.writing@gmail.com

    Tsami picked up the tangled mass of what looked like wet seaweed from the pot, and put it in her mouth; it tasted like hair, fresh hair soaked in coconut oil.

  5. Dragon Lord

    “The trail is fresh,” muttered a cloaked figure as he ran his fingers through his tangled hair, while he contemplated his standing with his employer.

  6. bgengler

    Fresh roadkill would not have warranted the rubbernecking now thwarting my morning commute were it not for the tangled mass sporting Tagg’s punk pink hair.

  7. StephanieJo

    Even while showering I’m in despair – the latest treatments mean his thick hair shall never tangle again after the use of our fresh peppermint shampoo.

  8. aaron_hawkins15

    Fresh air poured across the hood, up the windshield, and flooded the convertible’s interior; her tangled brown hair undulating against a sea of autumn wind.


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