Want To Earn More Money at Your Job? Be a Good Writer

You don’t have to be a writer to benefit from solid writing skills—For proof, just check out the results of this study from the folks at Grammarly:


This infographic is courtesy of Grammarly. Visit them online at grammarly.com.

Baihley Grandison is the assistant editor of Writer’s Digest and a freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @baihleyg, where she mostly tweets about writing (Team Oxford Comma!), food (HUMMUS FOR PRESIDENT, PEOPLE), and Random Conversations With Her Mother.

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2 thoughts on “Want To Earn More Money at Your Job? Be a Good Writer

  1. hansfer

    I have enjoyed your other infographics, but not this one. It’s highly pretentious, assuming facts out of a data sample of 448 Elance profiles? How did they calculate credibility and hireability (as stated in their infographic)? Did all of them disclose their pay? Unlikely.


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