The Anatomy of a Bestseller

What makes a bestseller, well, sell the best? While of course there is no magic formula, turns out there are some commonalities among chart-topping tomes. Whether it’s stats for the average number of words per sentence or a comparison of most-loved protagonists, the fun facts are all spelled out here in this delightfully nifty infographic.


This infographic is courtesy of Rachael Lui of The Expert Editor. Visit them online at or on Twitter @TheExpertEditor.

Baihley Grandison is the assistant editor of Writer’s Digest and a freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @baihleyg, where she mostly tweets about writing (Team Oxford Comma!), food (HUMMUS FOR PRESIDENT, PEOPLE), and Random Conversations With Her Mother.

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2 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Bestseller

  1. danpass

    I once asked a bestseller, Peter V Brett, @pvbrett, what ONE book he might recommend to an aspiring writer.

    I was very specific with that question. In my experience, when someone immediately comes back with a specific answer to this particular question of ‘what one thing’, you better pay attention.

    His immediate answer was Writing To Sell, by Scott Meredith. In that book is the Blueprint for writing a bestseller.

    This book is reprinted by Writer’s Digest by the way 😀

    – Dan



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