A Thank-You to Self-Publishing Webinar Participants

This afternoon, I presented a webinar on self-publishing, meant to give an overview of how and why you might self-publish, and how much you should invest (monetarily) in it. If you weren’t aware, there are many digital self-publishing options available that don’t cost you a dime, and can get your work in front of many people (e.g., Lulu and Smashwords).

As part of the webinar, I published a Writer’s Digest e-book on both Lulu and Smashwords: the Writer’s Digest Red Heart Black Heart Valentine’s Day Writing Contest anthology. You can see the fruit of our efforts here:

I published both of these within about 30 minutes. (Of course, I had my files ready to go, but they weren’t complicated files—a PDF document and a Microsoft Word document, as well as a JPG of the cover.)

If you attended my webinar, thank you very much for joining me, and I hope you found the information you were looking for. Don’t forget to network with me on Facebook, Twitter (@JaneFriedman), and LinkedIn; I regularly post and share information of interest to authors who are pursuing self-publishing and other alternative models of publication.

Also, click here for my interview with the lead guys on Smashwords and Stanza.

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