5 Things to Consider Before Publishing Your Book

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Throughout November, thousands of writers fought the noble fight to complete a book for National Novel Writing Month. If one of those writers was you, our most sincere congratulations; you’re basically a superstar. After spending an entire month pouring everything you had into your story, we encourage you not to lose momentum and to consider prepping that book for publication. Here are some tips to make sure you set your book up for success.

1. Define Success and Commit

If you want to print your book just to have a copy of your own, just enjoy the ride. But, if you intend to turn your work into a lucrative side hustle or fulltime career, it’s necessary to understand that self-publishing your book is a legitimate option in today’s publishing industry, one that takes serious commitment. If you approach your publication with smarts and patience, your efforts are sure to pay off.

2. Proof Your Manuscript

Self-edit, revise, and then get it professionally edited. Being meticulous about the content of your book is the best way to make sure readers appreciate your story.

3. Determine Your Audience

Who’s going to read your book? No book is for everyone and the sooner you’re honest about that, the better, because knowing your audience is essential to selling books. When thinking about your target audience consider regional, social, and cultural appeal, and age and gender demographics, for starters.

4. Choose an Appropriate Trim Size and Price

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Readers are used to books in their preferred genre looking a particular way, and retailers are used to stocking books that meet industry standards. Visit your local bookstore and find the section where your book would ideally be shelved. What trim sizes do you see? How much do books like yours cost? Are they paperbacks or hardcovers? Pick a trim size and format that offers a return on your investment and seek out a mid-range price, comparable to what’s already there. Similarly, for e-books, hop online and search for books like yours and see what specs they have.

5. Get Involved

Spend time building your author platform before you publish. Your platform consists of things like your social media, author website, blog, email list, presence in your community as an active patron of your local bookstores and libraries, and participation with other authors, bloggers, and potential influencers. It’s never too soon to start, and when you begin before you publish, you’ll have a built-in audience ready and waiting when your book’s available!

Save on the Cost of Self-Publishing

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