Read a Post and Comment on It: Day 12 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

It’s hard to believe we’re already 12 days into this challenge, but here we are. Before we get started with today’s task, I just wanted to let people know that it’s okay if you have to complete tasks in a different order than presented in this challenge.

For instance, the blogging: If you post on Wednesdays typically and I’m asking you to post on Saturdays, then it’s fine if you continue to post on Wednesdays. I’m not as concerned about the day of the week as the action itself.

Read a Post and Comment on It

For today’s platform-building task, read at least one blog post and comment on it (and in the process link back to your blog). This is in addition to commenting on this blog; let’s spread our nets a little. People who want extra credit can comment on multiple blogs.

Do not do this: Do not comment on a blog with something along the lines of, “Hey, cool post. Come check out my blog.” That’s defeating the whole purpose and intent of today’s task.

Use this list of the Bloggers of the 2015 October Platform Challenge to find a blog or blogs that appeal to you and, in the process, start making connections with fellow writers.


wd_comprehensiveauthorplatform-500Build an Effective Author Platform

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What’s the Point of Commenting on Other Blogs

One of the more effective ways for writers to grow their platforms is to reach outside of their current circle of readers. By leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs, writers can share interesting perspectives with potential new blog readers. Beyond that, it’s a great way to make stronger connections with other like-minded bloggers.

Here are a few possible ways to respond to a blog post:

  • Share your own experience. If you’ve experienced something similar to what’s covered in a blog post, share your own story. You don’t have to write a book or anything, but maybe a paragraph or two. And maybe that even leads to a new post on your own blog.
  • Add another perspective. Maybe the post was great, but there’s another angle that should be considered. Don’t be afraid to point that angle out.
  • Ask a question. A great post usually will prompt new thoughts and ideas–and questions. Instead of keeping them to yourself, ask them.

As far as linking back to your blog, avoid telling people to check out your blog. If your comment interests other readers, they will check it out…if you include your URL somewhere. Most blog-commenting tools include a spot for your URL.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which includes editing Writer’s Market and Poet’s Market. He regularly blogs at the Poetic Asides blog and writes a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine. He also leads online education, speaks on writing and publishing at events around the country, and does other fun writing-related stuff.

A published poet, he’s the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53) and a former Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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132 thoughts on “Read a Post and Comment on It: Day 12 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

  1. Paranormal_Investigator

    Wow, I do think I’m about to get caught up from taking a break from all electronic devices for the last few days. Birthday on the 12th and spent it in a cabin in Ponca, Arkansas with cool, crisp mountain breezes of 44 during the morning and around 65 to 70 in the afternoon/evenings. To bad it had to end! However, I’m back and running strong. I enjoyed a lot of the blogs so far and look forward to reading more very soon.
    Stay spooked during this great month of Halloween, October is my favorite!

  2. RitaJuanita

    Did this. Found a blog of personal interest and asked a question related to something I’ve been wondering about since I heard of the topic. So, not only did I comment (and had the opportunity to add my link), but hopefully I’ll finally know something about the topic! 🙂

  3. Kim

    Here’s a great blog post by S.K.Lamont, Why I Write.

    My comment: Oh, the power of books, the intoxication of weaving words together to make another world come alive! It is why I write, too. Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to connect with you about writing.

    I was not read to as a child so I took it up on my own. My first books were dictionaries, encyclopedias and an assortment of self-care and how-to books on relationships and family I found on my grandmother’s bookshelves. Later on I picked up Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books and read all of them as fast as I could get them in my hands.

    I think the children’s books that most resonate with me now are the ones I read to my children because I was the first in my family to begin the tradition of reading to my kids. Two of our favorites are Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. These books are part of the fabric of our family tapestry. I’ve passed them on to my children for when they have their own children, and to my step-daughter and her boys as well.

    I look forward to networking with you!

  4. Suzanne Adair

    Incidentally, before I commented on Diane Holcomb’s blog, I’d visited four other blogs where I didn’t leave a comment — either because the blogger hadn’t posted in months, or I couldn’t find a way to comment.

  5. Majida

    Thank you Robert Brewer for providing us with the lists of blogs. I commented on the following blogs and also wrote on my blog about it. Please leave your comments on: showComment=1444682142949#c8856810607601753031


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