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There Are No Rules Blog by the Editors of Writer’s Digest

Get on the cutting edge of today’s publishing trends and how authors can succeed in a world of fast-paced technological change, guided by the editors of Writer’s Digest. You’ll get an inside look at the work, play, and passion of the publishing business and find practical tools for success.

Last call! Can you write an opening sentence to this story? (Chance to get published in Writer’s Digest)

  From hardboiled detectives to murderers, leprechauns, spies and even giraffe narrators, when it comes to the diverse and unique entries in our free Your Story contest, the gang’s all here. If … Read more

Amazon Lets Authors Spy on Readers

By Rob Eagar, author of Sell Your Book Like Wildfire Did you know that Amazon lets authors see who is highlighting notes in their books and tweeting content to friends? When someone … Read more

How to Write Effective Dialogue

Dialogue serves several key functions in your fiction: It reveals your characters’ personalities and beliefs, heightens tension, provides an alternative to lengthy descriptive passages and, most importantly, advances your plot. The key … Read more

Things to Write About: Great Places to Find Ideas

Look around and you’ll find there’s no shortage of interesting things to write about—whether you’re in search of blog topics or creative story ideas. But in spite of that, I found myself … Read more

How to Make Writing Flow: Understanding What is Really Being Said in a Writing Critique

If you ask me, one of the most annoying things about being a writer is all of the contradictory advice that gets thrown around. If you ask ten writers a question about … Read more

How to Find, Rather Than Make, Writing Time

I’m always drawn to articles about being more productive. I come to them with a hopeful expectation that some gem inside will hold the power to transform my writing time. And usually … Read more

Fictional Characters Most Likely to Be on the Receiving End of the St. Martin’s Marijuana Shipment

  If you’ve been keeping up with the publishing world this week, you’ve no doubt heard the mysterious story that’s been dominating it: Someone sent 11 pounds of marijuana to a fake … Read more

Steal from Yourself for Better Book Marketing

By Rob Eagar When I consult with authors on book marketing issues, a common complaint arises about the need to generate content for free resources, newsletters, and social media pages. The necessity … Read more

How to Edit Your Novel

Completing your novel is a momentous achievement. After months (or years) of hard work and sacrifice, your first impulse might be to start submitting it willy-nilly—time is of the essence, right? In … Read more

Are Writers Born or Made? – Jack Kerouac Quotes


Every week, I spelunk into the Writer’s Digest archives to find the wisest, funniest, or downright strangest moments from our 92 years of publication. Today: A vintage article and quotes from Jack Kerouac (On the Road), … Read more

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Book

There’s a new kid on the social media block that is changing the way people communicate online and it’s called Pinterest. Here’s how to use it to market your book. Read more

Writing Advice From Famous Irish Authors

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it might be fun to tap into the wit and wisdom of a few famous Irish and Anglo-Irish writers. While March 17 seems like … Read more

Key Advice for Writing Fantasy

Paranormal writing is still hot… Whether you love the Twilight phenomenon or hate it, the buzz around teen vampires and werewolves is still going strong. If you’re into spooky writing—from the YA … Read more

Amazon Reviews and the War of the Words

By Rob Eagar The power of the collective voice on Amazon works as a major influence over many people’s buying decisions, especially when it comes to books. For example, if someone recommends … Read more

13 Stephen King Quotes on Writing: Your Moment of Friday Zen


Every week, I spelunk into the Writer’s Digest archives to find the wisest, funniest, or downright strangest moments from our 92 years of publication. Today: An array of quotes from Stephen King, author of, err, … Read more

How to Start a Book Project

  March seems like a good checkpoint for New Year’s writing goals: Two months into the New Year, you probably have a sense of whether a resolution made in January will become … Read more

Great Tips for Better Writing

To kick off last week, I wrote about How to Become a Better Writer and invited you to share your own favorite craft tips in the comments section.

How to Write Better: Your Favorite Tips

“Write the first draft for yourself, and the second draft for your readers.” —Melissa (Well put! When successful writers claim that they don’t think of their readers as they write, I think this is actually exactly what they mean.) Read more

The Writing Process: Step One

Prewriting. Freewriting. Mind Mapping. Clustering. If you’ve taken a creative writing or English composition class, you’ve likely encountered these terms. They represent an important step in the writing process and, in my … Read more

How to Use Archetypes in Literature When Creating Characters for Your Novel

As writers we are often concerned with creating characters: characters that seem realistic, characters that are likeable or that readers can at least relate to and understand their motivations. But creating characters … Read more

When It Comes to Getting Published, There’s No Shortage of New Ideas

Today I’m talking with Jesse Potash, the founder of PUBSLUSH (www.pubslush.com), which presents a unique new model for getting published. Because it’s so unusual – and because they’re a non-profit – I … Read more

How to Become a Better Writer

We’re always excited when a new issue of Writer’s Digest hits newsstands—especially when it’s delivering something our readers have specifically been asking for. So we’re especially jazzed about this week’s release of … Read more

Your Moment of Friday Writing Zen: Simple Writing Advice to Keep You Going This Weekend


Every week, I spelunk into the Writer’s Digest archives to find the wisest, funniest, or downright strangest moments from our 92 years of publication. Today, from August 1967, are highlights of a love letter to … Read more

How to Find Your Narrative Voice

A strong narrative voice gives your fiction a distinctive flavor and makes it stand out in a slush pile. But many beginning novelists struggle with finding their narrative voice, and some opt … Read more

How to Research Your Novel

Just because you’re writing fiction, it doesn’t give you license to make everything up. Well, okay, so maybe it does. It’s your story, you can do whatever you want. But, let’s say … Read more

21 Ray Bradbury Quotes: Your Moment of Friday Writing Zen

Every week, I spelunk into the Writer’s Digest archives to find the wisest, funniest, or downright strangest moments from our 92 years of publication. Today: An array of quotes from the brilliant … Read more

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