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Here are the latest and newest happenings at Writer’s Digest!

First—for fun!

I wrote a brief piece for The Verb describing my work space. Go check it out!

$10 Off Writer’s Market Subscription
For July only, we’ve lowered the prices on by $10. That’s 25% off an annual sub, giving you access to more than 8,000 opportunities to get published (magazines, book publishers, agents). Also included are listings of writing competitions and how to enter. While you don’t need a code for this promotion, you will need to take advantage before July 31.

Regular Prices: Annual Subscription: $39.99; Biennial: $54.99
Special Prices: Annual Subscription: $29.99; Biennial: $44.99

Get more information on and sign up today! Note: The deal does not extend to monthly subscription prices, which remain unchanged at $5.99.

Alternatively: Get the online sub WITH the book!

The 2011 editions of the Writer’s Market series are now arriving in bookstores. You can order today from the Writer’s Digest Shop at more more than 30% off retail prices—free shipping if your order is $25 or more. Click here to see the Deluxe edition, which includes a 1-year sub to, for just $31.49.

Finally, an important article I think you should check out:

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  1. Francesco Sinibaldi

    Upon your overcoat.

    There, on
    that tissue
    full of desires
    and beautiful
    thoughts, a
    little voyage
    while everything
    shines recalling
    the youth….

    Francesco Sinibaldi


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