Join Another Social Media Site: Day 29 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

Okay, I know I’m not going to make any new friends with today’s task, but I have to do it. More importantly, you have to do it. That is, you need to push out of that comfort zone (for at least the month of October, which is now nearly over).

Join Another Social Media Site

For today’s platform-building task, join another social media site. You should be a pro at this now. After all, this will be the fifth social media site of the challenge.

What social media sites are left?

It’s a fair question, but really, we’ve only touched the very tip of social media iceberg. Here’s a list of a few popular sites to try (that we haven’t yet for this challenge):

There are more, but these are all social networks in which I know writers have found success for their writing platforms and careers.


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Writers, remember!

Not all sites are going to appeal to all writers. So it’s imperative that you get out and try different social networks to find the one (or ones) that work best for you. Also, the splintering of social networks underscores the importance of having that one centralized online hub: your author website.

Here are a few tips for any social network you join:

  • Complete your profile. A completed profile is a signal that you’re present and a human (not a robot).
  • Be public. Set your profile to public. I know this is a hurdle for many, but if you want to be find success, people need to be able to find you. And they can’t find you if you’re hiding in the shadows.
  • Share consistently. Use your profile on a consistent basis. This signals to others that you’re not only present and a human, but you’re actively using the site. That is, that you haven’t abandoned the site.
  • Focus on your goals. Don’t get sidetracked by memes and games (unless they align with your platform). Rather, share and comment and follow what is relevant to your goals and the needs of your target audience. Yes, have a personality and have fun–but try to keep it tied to your platform (even if it’s a bit of a stretch).
  • Be open to possibilities. I try not to expect much when I try something new, but still be open to whatever unexpected greatness might be around the corner. Maybe that’s cautious optimism, but it’s how I handle social media. Stay open to the possibilities without stressing out if things don’t seem to click immediately.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which includes editing Writer’s Market and Poet’s Market. He regularly blogs at the Poetic Asides blog and writes a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine. He also leads online education, speaks on writing and publishing at events around the country, and does other fun writing-related stuff.

A published poet, he’s the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53) and a former Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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94 thoughts on “Join Another Social Media Site: Day 29 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

  1. Kim Bailey Deal

    I joined Instagram and I LOVE it. I link it to Twitter and Facebook in some posts. So far my networking with other writers has mushroomed and connections are strong with a good deal of them. NaNoWriMo has been a challenge this year but I’m steadily writing and also connecting with writing buddies there. I also purchased a domain name today! The only task I have left to complete is a guest blog post–I’m waiting to hear from some I reached out to for that. Thank you!

  2. rc2147

    Whoa – I was already on linked in and Pintrest but decided to explore linked in as an author rather than my day job. I still have a lot to update and am behind on the Goodreads author profile. I made a start!

  3. C.G. Gordon

    I find that I am on facebook most often but have recently joined the others. I can’t bring myself to create a new Pinterest, I spent so much creating the one I already have.

  4. jane_vee

    The comment that I made has been waiting for moderation because I stupidly included links to my full collection of social media accounts (instagram, pinterest, tumblr, linkedin). So, instead, I will simply state “complete”.

  5. KarenDoll

    Have been a member of LinkedIn for a while! Have a Pinterest account, but don’t frequently visit there. I know a LOT of my friends spend a great deal of time pinning to Pinterest. Have been meaning to spend more time there, just haven’t. Perhaps I will add Pinterest Time to my goals for 2016!!

  6. DRZ

    Time to check out tumblr and Wattpad. I’ve been on the others for quite a while now (though not so active on Pinterest — it’s a dangerous time-suck!! For me, at least).

  7. lmurban20

    In addition to Facebook & Twitter, I’ve been on LinkedIn for well over a year now – joined Pinterest last year. Now I’ve just joined Wattpad, which is so deja vu especially since I started looking into & considered joining it earlier this year. Seeing it listed as a recommended social media site for writers was just the push I needed to take the plunge & join.
    So again, thank you…this challenge continues to push me to expand my horizons & find new avenues to share my work with readers & fellow writers. 🙂

  8. Eric

    After a little research, I went for Wattpad. I found a sci fi contest I’m going to try for, so I’m working my first story to put up there now (profile is done, but in need of tweaking).

  9. YvonneM

    I actually really like LinkedIn and have recently re-visited it to update my profile and connect with more people, mostly because I thought of it in connection with other suggestions during the past month. so mark me done. I feel like the other ones don’t mesh with my phone, which is not great. That’s kind of my main issue with twitter, too. I don’t feel like I can use it effectively because I don’t make use of it on my phone.

  10. Northside Girl

    Checking out today’s site I found Pinterest writer/author articles that kept me reading and peeked my interest to be more active. I found that I had already signed up! So now I’ve 5 social networks and 3 others to investigate. Sounds like good entries for the November/December calendar tasks.

  11. Ally McCormick

    Well I was contemplating joining Grinder for today’s challenge. But my husband, who was looking over my shoulder, said I might get job opportunities that I didn’t want. So I decided to join LinkedIn. Being a stay-at-home mum for the past 13 years, means many of my old contacts have retired. I know my last boss passed away and every single one of the dozen or so companies I have worked for have either shut down or being bought out. So the difficulty in finding old work colleagues has been one reason why I’ve resisted joining LinkedIn in the past. Being a stay-at-home mum is very isolating in many ways.

    1. G Hesslau Magrady

      I was a stay-at-home mom for 8.5 years before returning to work, and it felt like the entire educational system and certification rules all changed during my absence (I’m an English teacher). I’ve been back at it for 7.5 years, now, and as I reflect on my personal/professional journey, it seems that everything happened as it should have, and now it’s all falling into place. Hang in there! 🙂

  12. Majida

    I signed up for Pinterest and Wattpad. Been on the LinkedIn for over a decade but my profile is my business one so I will leave it. Guess what did I find? Our own Mr. Brewer’s haiku:)

  13. azlatic

    I’m already on Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Active on the first two, the third is heavily neglected. It’s not personal…there’s only so many channels I can maintain! I will, for this challenge, change my Instagram setting back to public. I went private several years ago in response to being deluged by spam. And then also because some jerks at work were stalking all my online channels and it was ugly. They’re largely gone now, though, so I’m slowly coming out of the shadows.

  14. Allison

    I have accounts on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Goodreads, Google +, Wattpad, Reddit, Imgur, and something called Twoo. Really, the only social media sites I use on a regular basis are Facebook and Pinterest, although I’m trying to engage more on Twitter.


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