Happy Birthday, Stephen King!

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Today is Stephen King’s 65th birthday. To honor the man who is perhaps the most well-known living writer, here’s a linkfest of all things King. Don’t forget to have an It cupcake or two today.

Stephen King’s Best Quotes: 13 of the author’s classic quips on the craft of writing.

An Interview With King: Did you know that King and Left Behind author Jerry B. Jenkins are pals? When we found out, we had to get them together for a conversation on writing and life.

Videos of the King: The author has a knack for often playing eccentric, hilarious characters in adaptations of his work (not to mention in TV shows, such as Frasier). Check out his best and worst cameos.

How to Write Like Stephen King: Here are a few tips on how to create suspense like the master.

King on Guitar! Behold, a performance by the Rock Bottom Remainders, the author supergroup that featured Dave Barry, Amy Tan, Ridley Pearson, Mitch Albom, and many others.

Also, brief editorial note: I originally intended to have an actual It cake at the top of this blog post, but was too creeped out to post it in good conscience. It is here if you want to lose some sleep tonight. 

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