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New in 2009, Writer’s Digest is launching a series of webinars (which you may have seen me post about last week). Each webinar has a specific benefit or focus, like how to land an agent or how to write a nonfiction book proposal—the kind of sessions you attend at a writers conference.

At first, I wasn’t sure if writers would respond well to webinars, but so far, we’ve been thrilled with the response. We completely filled the initial webinar (offered for free) on how to get published in tough times, and our first paid webinar this Thursday is nearly full (how to land an agent by Chuck Sambuchino, see his blog post here; it also includes a link to register.)

We now have a page up at that describes all of our upcoming sessions this spring
. Soon we’ll have it updated to show what’s on tap for the entire year. Here’s a brief overview:

January 15
How to Land a Literary Agent (editor Chuck Sambuchino), 60m, $99

January 29
3 Secrets to Getting Your Nonfiction Book Published (Jane Friedman), 90m, $129

February 12
You Can Write Children’s Books (editor Alice Pope), 60m, $99

February 26
Self-Publishing 101 (Jane Friedman), 90m, $129

March 12
The First 5 Minutes: How Editors Evaluate Your Manuscript (Joe Stollenwerk), 60m, $99

March 26
How to Negotiate Any Book Publishing Contract (Jane Friedman), 90m, $129

What you can do in a WD webinar:

  • Hear the presenter in speak in real time on the topic (through your computer or on the phone)
  • See any visuals the presenter wants to share (e.g., PowerPoint presention)
  • Interact with the presenter and other attendees of the webinar
  • Ask the presenter questions in real time
  • Receive any relevant materials from the presentation after it has concluded

If you have reliable Internet access, you should be able to easily participate in a webinar; it is all run through your Web browser—and by phone if you want to call in.

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