Get a Makeover for Your Nonfiction Book Concept

My most popular writing conference session in 2008 was all about creating high-powered nonfiction book concepts. Most people concentrate on writing the proposal, but don’t realize that without a salable and compelling hook to anchor it, you can have the best proposal in the word, but it won’t sell.

Because it’s such a popular session, I’m offering it through WritersOnlineWorkshops as a 90-minute webinar on January 29 ($79 fee), where I’ll be speaking in live time about how to create a great selling handle for your book. During the webinar, I’ll live-critique the first 25 concepts submitted by registrants, plus give the next 25 registrants an offline critique. Consider it an extreme makeover for your nonfiction book. You can register here.

To give my blog readers a sneak preview of what this is like, if you leave a summary of your nonfiction book (100 words or less) in the comments section, I’ll choose one or two to critique on this blog tomorrow.

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0 thoughts on “Get a Makeover for Your Nonfiction Book Concept

  1. Cathy


    I second those who thank you for this opportunity. Unfortunately, I spotted the typo in my last sentence after I hit "submit." I wonder, might this cause you to hit delete if this were a real book pitch?

    I was in a hurry. Sorry.


  2. Cathy

    In "Thrifty Girl: Tips and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Spending in the Real World," Ms. Shouse, a Chartered Financial Consultant with 16 years experience, and more importantly a mom and wife seeking economic sanity, advises to stop thinking of money management as a dirty word but to seek an enlightened view of finances.

    "They call it personal finance because it’s personal and so-called experts should stop telling people what they can and can’t do," she says. "My methods teaches readers to achieve their unique money goals by design and have a ball doing it."

  3. Deborah

    Have you ever wanted to do something but told yourself it wasn’t possible? In “Honey, This Isn’t Walden,” you’ll read the story of a woman who dragged her professor-husband and three kids to 32 acres in the middle of nowhere to start a 19th century homestead. With no background in animal husbandry or farming, the family starts raising goats, pigs, chickens, and other animals, as they try to grow their own food in an organic garden. After laughing, crying, and shaking your head as you read about their mistakes, you’ll wonder what’s stopping you from doing what you’ve always wanted.


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