Free Download: 101 Best Websites for Writers (+ Free Webinar!)

A quick update this week on the newest and best stuff at Writer’s Digest!

Free PDF download of 101 Best Websites for Writers
If you don’t have the May/June 2010 issue of Writer’s Digest magazine, that means you missed our 101 Best Websites article!

I blogged about my favorite picks here.

If you sign up for our free weekly editorial e-newsletter (just requires e-mail address), you can get a PDF of this popular feature for free. Click here to sign up!

Free webinar on getting published

One of our advertisers, who is an experienced writing coach, has developed a free webinar that you can view on getting published. She answers many FAQs of interest to beginning writers, including:

  • What’s stopping you from getting published?
  • What types of classes or writing groups are worth your time?
  • How do you balance plot and character in a story?
  • How do you know if your story moves too slowly or too quickly—and how to fix?
  • How do you know when your story is ready to submit?
  • How do you know which markets are best for your work?

Click here to view the webinar for free!

Our newest magazine issue: The Big 10
This issue is already getting tremendous buzz from subscribers! It includes:

•  10 Experts Take On the Writer’s Rulebook. Get both sides of the issue on such writing maxims as “Write What You Know,” “Show, Don’t Tell,” “Write Every Day,” “Kill Your Darlings,” and more.

•  Our WD interview features 10 bestselling authors who each offer 10 tips. Contributors include Jodi Picoult, Chuck Palahniuk, Sherman Alexie, and Mary Higgins Clark.

Click here to buy a digital issue, or visit your nearest bookstore or newsstand to get a physical copy.

Last but not least: I’m teaching an online class this week
Don’t miss my online seminar this Thursday on 3 essential paths to self-publishing. If you’re wondering (1) if it’s time to self-publish, (2) how much you should spend on it, or (3) whether you want print, digital, or both, you’ll get clear and objective instruction a complex topic. Plus, I answer all attendee questions, either during the live session or afterward via e-mail.

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