Agents & Editors: What Has Changed About the Submissions Process?

At Writer’s Digest Books, we’re in the process of updating our
popular title Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript and are
looking for insight from agents/editors on how the industry is
changing. Here are a few things we’re interested in knowing.

  1. How
    have queries and submissions changed for you in recent years? Do you
    request different information? Do you accept email queries? If so, do
    you prefer electronic or paper queries? How important is format and
    formality in electronic communication?
  2. What are your pet peeves and turnoffs?
  3. What are your do’s and don’ts for writers?
  4. Have
    you changed how you select authors? How many of your authors are found
    through queries, and how many through other means? Do you want to hear
    about an author’s platform?
  5. What recent changes in your market do you want writers to know about?

Writers are also welcome to comment and offer tips.

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0 thoughts on “Agents & Editors: What Has Changed About the Submissions Process?

  1. Becky Levine

    I just want to say that I love this book–I use it for all my submissions, from book manuscripts to a queries for short freelance article. The number of examples in it is fantastic.

    Great to hear you’re keeping it around and updating it.


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