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10 Best Tweets of 2010

Categories: Best of Twitter, Craft & Technique, Getting Published, Marketing & Self-Promotion.

In my estimation, here are the best and most helpful tweets (or posts) for writers that I collected in 2010.

Craft & Technique

Overwriters Anonymous: for fiction writers, how to avoid dreadful prose that gets you rejected
[from Editorial Ass, a traditional book publishing editor]

Urgency vs action in your writing
[from published author Teresa Frohock, tackles issue of action-oriented openings]

7 deadly sins of prologues
[by author Kristen Lamb]

Getting Published

Top 10 reasons the editor doesn’t love your book, or doesn’t love what your friends, family, and critique group loves
[from EditTorrent]

A bare bones plot summary synopsis is boring. Include emotional twists of your characters.
[from Glen C. Strathy, freelance writer; some of the best how-to advice I've seen on writing a synopsis]

Ultimate Checklist for Submitting to Publishers: 10 Tests a Novel Must Pass
[from Deborah Halverson, a published author and previous editor]

Marketing & Promotion

Why Professional Writers Need a Blog. Or Not.
[from ProBlogger; good, balanced take on blogging issue]

The Psychological Principle Behind Marketing Success In a Networked World
[by author Jeff Sexton]

The secret ingredient to a powerful author platform
[by author Justine Musk]

The Artist’s Responsibility (just because you CAN publish anything, doesn’t mean you should.)
[by author Simon Pulman]

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2 Responses to 10 Best Tweets of 2010

  1. Again, great stuff, and great recap for the ones I missed earlier. This is the best blog for writers out there.

  2. V.V. Denman says:

    Wow! So many great posts. I’m going to take a while and look at these. Thanks for the list.

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