Get Social: Day 27 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

We’re going to do the final 2 #platchal chats on Twitter for the month today at these times: noon and 8 p.m. Both will last roughly an hour and are Atlanta, GA, time (or EST). If you’re Central time, it would be 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Mountain 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.; West 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you’re none of the above, I would suggest using Google to get the time conversion.

Get Social

For today’s platform-building task, get social. That could include participating in one of the Twitter chats above. That could include making new connections. That could include responding to tweets and/or status updates.

Making a concerted effort to get social and forge deeper connections with your target audience and other like-minded writers, editors, and agents can only help bring about more opportunities for success.


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How Should I Get Social?

Getting social is more than just clicking the Like button on Facebook and Follow button on Twitter.

Here are a few ways to get social in a meaningful way:

  • Like with a comment. If someone shares a status update you love on Facebook, go ahead and click the Like button, but don’t stop there. Add a comment that shares your similar experience or an article that sheds even more light on the topic.
  • Re-tweet with a comment. It’s easy to click the re-tweet button on Twitter, and it’s also easy to include some context or a personal spin with that re-tweet. Doing so can help connect you with the initial tweet that you obviously found value in.
  • Direct message. If you want to add a comment or ask a question that you feel uncomfortable making public, send a direct message to the person and reference the tweet or update that sparked the comment or question in the first place.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which includes editing Writer’s Market and Poet’s Market. He regularly blogs at the Poetic Asides blog and writes a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine. He also leads online education, speaks on writing and publishing at events around the country, and does other fun writing-related stuff.

A published poet, he’s the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53) and a former Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


Catch up on the first three days of the Platform Challenge here:

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82 thoughts on “Get Social: Day 27 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

  1. DRZ

    Wish I hadn’t missed the twitter chat!
    I schedule roughly 20-30 minutes per day to focus only on personal social media. Otherwise, it will get out of control and I can lose an hour or more. When I limit my time, I’m super-efficient.

  2. Allison

    I missed both of the Twitter chats but I have to say that Twitter really isn’t my thing. I have, however, been connecting with people on their blogs and have been liking and commenting other blogs. Hope this counts.

  3. Cindy

    I fell behind between the migraines and the internet. My son reminded me the snowbirds are back so the internet messed up till march. Yesterday was hard for my family. When you lose a loved one to breast cancer is hard enough and October is breast cancer awareness month; But what makes it harder is when her birthday was in October. I have been commenting more on Facebook. I normally use it to keep in touch with my family. I am a loner, so reaching out to people is really hard for me. This Challenge has been really good for me I am actually venturing out of my cave more and talking to the snowbirds plus my dog is all excited visit there dogs.

  4. Paranormal_Investigator

    Sorry I missed the chat again. I had no internet at the house, been trying to do catch ups at the office and on my phone. But had to be at a meeting with a new client yesterday. I have made new contacts everyday since starting this challenge so I suppose that means at least it is complete for this task.
    Thanks again Robert for this month has been a real challenge, but loads of fun meeting and making new contacts.

  5. Eric

    Unfortunately, I seem to have fallen down on the last couple of days here at the end. That is the way of things when grades are due . . . I’ll keep reading and working on this as I can. I’ve tried to keep my blog and twitter feed up, and I’m pretty sure that can easily continue. I’ve been retweeting and commenting right along since creating the account. Thanks for this, it’s giving me the motivation I needed to get back to my writing.

  6. randinha

    Oh man! I’m sorry I seem to have dropped off the social scene–a huge writing opportunity has suddenly cropped up (yay!!!), and I’ve been focusing on that. But I look forward to keeping in touch with you all.

    Please, let’s have more Twitter chats … and let’s not let the momentum slip!

  7. azlatic

    Missed the chats, but found lots of answers to my questions when I caught up later. Thanks, guys! Also, I did make a concerted effort to reach out to others on Twitter today, and I found a good article that I then shared on my author Facebook page, neither of which I’d have done without today’s prompt.

    I seriously think I need this year-round!

  8. Leah Henderson

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t join the twitter chats, but I commented on a couple Facebook posts and retweeted and commented on a tweet link I enjoyed. Day 27 complete.

  9. Lorinda

    I couldn’t make the chats today but I did spend time this evening learning more about social media, how things work, making connections with others, and asking questions. I did place this type of learning on my November calendar too because as a novice I need to learn and connect.

  10. Majida

    Thank you so much Mr. Brewer for successfully brining us together and giving us great advice. Thanks to all the others who participated in 8:00pm challenge. Every comment helped. Read you tomorrow!!


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