The Best Query Writing Advice

Next week, I’ll be critiquing 1-page query letters as part of a live, online class. You can sign up here.

I only do this a couple times a year, so if you have a query NOW, here’s your chance for a professional review and edit.

There’s a ton of conflicting advice out there about what should go in a query, what should NOT go in a query, etc.

Here are previous posts on queries (from my blog and Writer’s Digest) that I highly recommend:

And here are my favorite posts from OTHERS that I agree with:

The GOLDEN Resource
Don’t forget to follow Chuck’s series on Successful Queries — you can read queries that actually worked in landing an agent or deal.

Also: You can submit your query to the QueryShark if you’re brave enough to see an agent dissect your query in public view.

If you would like MY professional, hands-on help, sign up for my class next week.

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