Success Is Defined Differently By Everyone … But …

Today I have a guest post over at Writer Unboxed that attempts to explain how I can tell if a writer is going to be “successful.”

Of course, success can be defined in many different ways, but in this case, I’m primarily talking about success as earning a living from your writing or having other people give you money/financial support for it.

Go read: The Only Way to Know If You’ll Be a Successful Writer

Vacation note: I type this post as I sit at the Newark airport, about to board a flight for Oslo! (You can friend me on Facebook for updates.)

I’ll be returning to NO RULES on June 7. Have a terrific holiday weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Success Is Defined Differently By Everyone … But …

  1. LNganga1

    I was wondering if you were available for an interview. It would only consist on a few minutes of your time and the questions are about writing and what it is like to become a writer. Please consider this and let me know as soon as you possibly can. Thank you for your time,
    Lilian Nganga

  2. LinnAnn Pike

    I have read other posters who like me ask, "Where do you start a blog for free"?
    I envy you your trip. Oslo, lasd of my ancestors! I read Writers Digest and The Writer, plus blogs around different sites. I have questions about phrases and words used concerning writing or publishing but can’t find the answers anywhere. Do the professionals just assume that we beginners soak it up by osmosis? If you could find the time to answer this email, where can I start a free blog?

    Also, what do you think about writing snippets of my stories on the blog? I have a whole series of childrens books lined up and started. Do I put some of the excerpts on a blog?

    Thanks for your time. LinnAnn Pike


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