No More Codes!

Our awesome programmer, Todd Spurlock, removed the code module on the commenting part of the site. Hopefully, the blog won’t be attacked by robots now, but this *should* solve the problems with leaving comments. It still runs on the slow side, but it seems to work now.

Please let me know if this is working.


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36 thoughts on “No More Codes!

  1. Rose Anna Hines

    It’s working fine and since the 24th have been able to enter 13 poems so far. My only question is when is the DEADLINE for completing this months poems.

  2. Julieann S Powell

    Thank you. Due to my schedule this week I was unable to enter my input into the posting situation, but believe me it has been a nightmare. Thank you so much for all attempts to fix it. Now, just to get caught up!!

  3. Dennis Wright

    Well here’s a try at getting through on one attempt. Although I am very grateful if the computer wizard solved the mystery, I find myself with a bit of ill ease. I grew accustom to how I submitted comments and poems to the comment section.

    I admit I took many times when I had to submit the code a second, third, fourth, or fifth time, to review the submission. I found sometimes I saw something in review that I had not seen before, a corner or edge I had not thought of that was better with the words on the page. I rewrote, sometimes three and four times to look closer at what I found.

    Now that the posting is fixed I will no longer be able to use this option in this manner. I will want to reorganized. Not the worst project, but I will miss the opportunity to rewrite at the last minute…

    Well. Now we will see how this works.

  4. A.M. Trumble

    and I’m back 🙂

    Exhaustion circa 2004

    Swing by
    Come on by
    What are you waiting for?
    But once we get close enough
    You stop
    Just stop
    Stop coming around
    And once again
    It is always
    Always, always
    Always on me
    I don’t bother you
    Tell you how I disagree with what you do
    I do what I can
    Sorry it doesn’t satisfy
    No one gives me a hard time when I’m unhappy
    It is then that I can truly be apart of the herd
    And be heard; and absurd
    -ly be
    Good company
    To me
    That’s not very funny
    New things find their way into my life
    And I become better off than I was
    Because I can smile ear to ear
    Without fear
    To me
    That’s the place to be
    However others don’t agree
    I’m so sorry
    That I cannot accompany
    I don’t need to be
    Clubbing or
    Fucking all the time.
    Spending my last dime.


    Exhaustion circa now

    The kid is still awake
    do we know why
    do we have an answer.
    The kid
    The kid is still awake.
    She’s awake because
    of her past.
    She’s trying to
    outrun it
    while simultaneously
    embrace it.
    That’s a bit tiring,
    wouldn’t you say?
    The kid is still awake
    because of her future.
    She’s trying to find it
    while not knowing where
    to look.
    That’s rather exhausting,
    wouldn’t you say?
    The kid is still awake
    The kid is still awake
    Don’t tell her she
    should be sleeping.
    She’s trying to purge her memories
    while simultaneously trying
    to relive them.
    That’s a little infuriating.
    Wouldn’t you say?

  5. Margaret Fieland

    Robert and Todd,

    It’s working now from my laptop — many thanks.

    On Linux using Firefox (from my office) however, comments never load ..

    On Windows, loaded with no hitch,
    On Linux, somewhere there’s a glitch
    in browser, network, don’t know which.
    Debugging software is a bitch.

    On my laptop, my delight,
    it loaded with delay, so slight,
    on Linux waited half the night,
    but finally I gave up the fight.

    I’ll post my comments from my house
    and not from work, and I won’t grouse.
    I’ve other software fires to douse.
    I’ll be a quiet as a mouse.

  6. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Dear Robert & Todd
    I see Janet’s nod
    and THANK YOU for
    not making it so hard (if you have a little Boston accent it works..I
    don’t but one can imagine>..)

    THANK YOU for the effort and the result.. it is delightful to have the challenge refer to the poetic rather than the posting effort.. although as others brought up I attempted to see it as a Universal challenge to patience and ‘going with … or perhaps more accurately waiting to be able to g with the flow"

    Bottom line IT WORKS AND THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR THE PERSONAL NOTE AS WELL…lovely, unexpected and appreciated.

    Best to you and yours

  7. Janet Rice Carnahan

    Love the change! Still moves a bit slow but it is posting the first time. Wonderful! Thanks, Robert and Todd . . . I give you both a nod! 🙂

  8. Buddah Moskowitz

    Long-Ass Days

    Long-ass days
    as my father
    used to call them,

    days full of
    graceful sunclouds
    boiling tears
    serving others
    and undeserved laughter

    and every night
    I lay myself down
    to recharge my batteries,
    but as with
    all batteries
    as they age,
    my batteries aren’t
    holding their
    charge so long.

    in between
    the morning alarm
    and the last
    there is so much
    to do –
    more than can be done
    or even listed
    in a day.

    So, it’s not a
    but rather just a note
    of gratitude
    for the privilege
    of another
    long-ass day,
    as my supply
    of them
    sadly and

    to add to my exhaustion
    I must post this poem

  9. Linda Goin

    A BIG thanks to Todd and Robert for wiping out that draconian code. The posts going up on the first get-go is like dipping a knife into soft butter. Better than butting this head against bricks!

    That said, I’m with Amy on the slow PA page load…that last 10% of the load is a bruiser…reminds me of the last stages of labor, but I don’t expect you guys to understand that connection.

    Cheers, and thanks again! <3

  10. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Robert and Todd, thank you so much!

    Marie, the best thing to ward off robots is excellent virus protection… for my money, Webroot has been fantastic. It’s a huge hit with us geeks.

    Robert and Todd, FYI (and this is not a complaint, not after all your hard work, just an FYI), the page itself, the PA home page and any comment pages thereafter are slow to load. I have Windows 7, Gateway, all sorts of widgets and I’m a former network admin… plus high-speed connection. The PA page is the only page on my browsing that has taken a full minute. Seems to be 90% open at once, then lingers on "" or whatever that site is. Finally, that last sliver opens and I’m golden.

    Same with opening page after commenting… the comment takes first time, but the page itself is slow. Maybe it’s just my puter… but anyway, thanks again!

  11. Marian Veverka


    Too tired to fall asleep
    Body aching, mind racing
    trying to get comfortable
    mission imposible
    Too much on the mind can put
    too much strain on the body.

  12. Hannah Gosselin

    Wowsers! No more robot frisking?! Mixed emotions here…like Joseph said I sometimes liked the funky coincidences that popped up in code! But I’m more glad than sad…although it really did help me to build up my patience levels. Overall its a good thing though, calming the masses. I’m mostly teasing or speaking from a place of good fun! Any way…happy writing and farewell psycho picky robot code! Oh, and thanks for fixing it Todd and Robert!!

  13. Theresa Williams

    It’s nice not to have to type in the codes. I just posted two poems from my school computer, which has a fast connection. It seemed to take a long time for them to post, but they posted on the first try. I fear, though, that on my dial up connection at home there may still be problems. Sometimes from my home computer it would take me up to two hours to post a poem, even when I typed the codes in correctly. All in all, it’s still been fun!

  14. Willy

    WOW! Robert: It went through on the first no-code try and that’s a first! Thanks to Todd, too.

    Thank you so very much – and that’s for ALL you do.

  15. Deborah Hansen

    Just signed into FB to see whats going on with posting PAD – have been posting PADs on my new blog. One of my PADs posted fine on the PAD comments section early on then nothing but troubles. deborahh is my primary e mail. My WD user name is nana girl and I’ve had it for over a year, posting often in the Critique section. My alternate e mail is a google mail account. I apologize for rambling and this might be TMI. Sincerely, Deborah Hansen


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