My Best Posts From 2010

Here’s the very best advice I offered here at NO RULES in 2010. This can serve as a handy guide, or share this link with writers who might be new to NO RULES. (What a good Christmas gift, right?)

Above: my cat Zelda. She approves of this list. Plus I don’t think I posted one cat photo all year. I think there’s a law that every blog needs to use at least one cat photo each year (if not each month).

Craft & Technique

The Biggest Bad Advice About Story Openings

Story Openings: What Constitutes Significant/Meaningful Action?

Your No. 1 Challenge If You’re Writing a Memoir

Getting Published

How to Ensure 75% of Agents Will Request Your Material

The Ultimate Guide to Novel Queries

Your Self-Help Book Should Not Be a Thinly Disguised Memoir

7 Free-to-Enter National Writing Competitions That Impact Your Career

Marketing & Promotion

The Most Important Marketing Acronym: WIIFM

Why Don’t Publishers Market & Promote the Books They Publish?

Authors: Build Your E-mail List—NOW


Why Start a Website or Blog If You Have Nothing to Promote?

What Should Fiction Writers Blog About?

Should You Hire Someone to Design Your Website?

Social Media

When or Why Social Media Fails to Sell Books

Should You Create a Facebook Fan Page? (And If So, When?)


The No. 1 Most Important Factor for Writers Considering the Self-Pub Option

The Best 101 on Self-Publishing + Resources

Self-Publishing and Online Publishing Will Not Ruin Your Chances at a Traditional Deal

The Writing Life

Your Excuses About Writing Are Vitally Important

The Secret to Writing & Publishing That Should Be Taped to Your Wall

Industry Trends

The 3 Best Takeaways for Writers From BookExpo America

Best Resources for Successful Writers of the Future


I also started a Back to Basics series in 2010. Click here to see all entries in the category. I cover 101 questions like how to get published, how to start blogging, what your rights are as a writer, and why you might be getting rejected.

Want more? Check out The Secrets to Publishing Success (Jane’s 2009 Tough Love Guide)

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3 thoughts on “My Best Posts From 2010

  1. Tom Bentley

    Jane, I see you resisted making your kitty a LOL Cat, for which we should probably be happy (though I do wonder what Zelda would say).

    Thanks for offering consistently interesting and informative stuff all year. I was happy that you chose to keep this blog after you grabbed your new gig—here’s looking to a solid 2011!


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