How to Spot Questionable Writing Advice

Today, I’m a guest over at Writer Unboxed, where I detail how to identify what might be “bad” writing advice:

How to Avoid Being Fooled By Bad Writing Advice

Usually what constitutes “bad” advice is merely extreme advice. Go check out the full story!

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2 thoughts on “How to Spot Questionable Writing Advice

  1. Steven M Moore

    Hi Jane!
    Good advice about bad advice…hmm, interesting. I have found that people in general (not all, by any means) tend to paint everything black and white–it’s easy to do and avoids talking about gray scales. Problems in our society are this way because they are complex–there are no black or white solutions. The same goes for writing. I am a reviewer and have found that any book I review (there’s already some screening done there, of course) has both positive and negative aspects. Moreover, I recognize it’s all subjective. Readers of my own novels have picked out characters or plot twists that puzzle them when I thought things were perfectly clear. I had a friend that was very upset that I killed off a character early on–he was my friend’s favorite character! Even science is done by human beings and that’s what it’s all about–everyone is different and reacts differently, so categorizing can often be misleading and even dangerous.
    Thanks for your good observations.