How Music Can Help Us Write About the Unnamable

The July bulletin from Glimmer Train is now available, which includes an incredible and beautiful piece by writer Justin Kramon, “Musical Inspiration.” Here’s a passage:

That summer I parted ways with a woman I loved very much. At the time I thought I’d lost her forever, and it opened up a kind of gaping sadness in me which I later realized was loss. I tried to write. Got more depressed. But somehow, after wandering the halls of one particular story, I stumbled on some real feelings. I knew it by the energy of the language, the fact that I wasn’t trying to impress anyone but rather get a hold on something in myself. …

Let me take a feeble and presumptuous stab at the question of what art is: I think it’s an expression of some unnamable, unplayable, unswimmable, unsmokeable feeling within us.

Click here to read the full piece and find out what music Justin listened to while producing his first published story.

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One thought on “How Music Can Help Us Write About the Unnamable

  1. Kelly

    Naming the unnameable has been one of those topics that’s always intrigued me. How beautifully ironic it is that other modes of expression (music, art, dance, etc.) can somehow get closer to this deeper self than even our own words can.