Get Your Nonfiction Query Critiqued By Me

Next week, I’m teaching an online class on landing a nonfiction book deal. The registration fee ($89) includes a critique of your query letter or hook, up to 300 words.

If you’re ready to pitch your project or send out a proposal package, this is an excellent opportunity to find out how an industry professional would evaluate your work. I point out red flags in hooks/queries, how to express your platform convincingly, and what factors really matter to getting a book deal.

A past attendee said of this session:

It was chock-full of useful info for aspiring
nonfiction writers. … All of the information was at a level of
directness. It was very

What else will you learn?

  • Learn the basics of nonfiction book proposal writing—smart authors never write the book first, they always write a proposal.
  • Why self-help/memoir hybrid works almost always get rejected.
  • The types of memoirs that can and do sell today.
  • How a book proposal needs to be approached like a business plan to be successful.
  • Why the marketability of your idea (or the strength of your platform) is more important than the quality of your writing.

I also leave time for Q&A; any questions not answered during the live session receive a follow-up in writing. Go ahead—try and stump me. If you have questions about your project that you can’t find the answers to, I can help.

Hope to see you there. Click here for more info and links to register.

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