Fundamentals of Poetry Writing Workshop

If you want a way to continue the poetry beyond April, is now taking registrations for its Fundamentals of Poetry Writing workshop. The online course begins April 23 (registration closes April 30) and will be taught by published writer Joyce Ferman Wells. The course consists of six sessions and costs $350. Plus, those who register receive a Best of Writer’s Digest Interviews CD.

If interested, check it out here: offers online courses throughout the year in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc. You can check out the current offerings across all genres by going to


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11 thoughts on “Fundamentals of Poetry Writing Workshop

  1. Audrey

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  2. annie mcwilliams


    After four days of grizzled and grubby
    the caveman takes a shower and slicks back his hair.
    His wife wears her high heels and he
    takes her to dinner. He
    reaches across the table, thanks her
    for putting up with him. She
    tells him she’s never been happier.
    He tells her to keep thinking that way.
    They return home in silence, still holding hands.
    He sleeps on the couch, she sleeps in the recliner.
    The tv takes it all in stride.

  3. Racquel Charlemagne

    Hello Robert,

    Tonight I had a little blooper and my finger hit enter and I posted some of my work that I already submitted along with today’s topic on routines. Please excuse me. I did not know how to delete it after it was already posted. If you can assist me in doing this that would be great. Thank you, I really enjoy the challenge. It really challenges me and keeps me going. It’s my first. Thanks again for inspiration.


    Racquel Charlemagne

  4. Melanie Sievers

    The Only Known Photo

    In 1927 or thereabouts a pony
    looking quite abashed
    stands with his long lashes lowered
    in an alley next to a porch.
    His knees are knocked and knobbed
    but his coat has been curried.
    This breaks your heart.

    Above him on the railing a jade tree
    looking healthy and strong
    thrives in a rusty gallon can,
    This, too makes you sad.

    On his back, two boys. The clean one
    wearing shoes has hair combed back
    with water and his collar buttoned.
    The dirty one, shoeless and rumpled,
    shrinks back, a bit like the pony
    who knows this is all for show.

    When the pony is back in the stable,
    when the dirty boy is back in the orphanage,
    when the father is back in the pokey,
    and the clean boy is back at home,
    the only one who will be well-tended,
    the only one who will thrive
    is the jade tree planted in a rusty can.

  5. Kim Kasch

    Getting wet
    splashing and spraying
    getting wet
    lathering and playing

    Sudsing up
    sudsing down
    sudsing every way around

    washing hair behind the ears
    trying not to cause any tears
    washing here
    washing there
    trying now to wash every where

    Dirt and grime go down the drain
    bathing the dog can be such a pain

  6. Dr. Johjn

    Clean then Dirty
    It was an Easter day so bright
    The sun giving glorious light.
    The kids all looked so very neat
    Even the little stinky Pete
    Ma scrubbed them all you see
    They were as they should be
    So they started for the car
    Saw the mud but it was far
    Stinky he saw it too
    Knew just what to do
    Running he jumped right in.
    Well being dirty is no sin.

    Clean makes Dirty
    A clean pad
    No words
    Not soiled with lead
    A poem
    Needs to be written
    A clean poem
    A green poem
    A clean air poem
    A dirty pad
    Lead smudges
    Called words
    Darn poets

  7. Charlene Navoa Lee

    Interesting…thinking about signing up. It would help me improve my art. Thanks for the info. I’m thouroughly enjoying writing for the April PAD challenge, can’t wait for tomorrow’s prompt.

  8. David Blaine

    "You wasted $150000 on an education you coulda got for $1.50 in late fees at the public library. "

    Good Will Hunting

    (But, hey, this place has to pay the bills too, no?)

  9. joni

    Wow $350 dollars? Writer’s Village University has over 200 courses (on writing and some on poetry) and its only 99 dollars for a years subscription.

    But I love poetry and I’ll have to see if $350 is worth my love.


  10. Reesha

    This post seems so sad with no comments on it!
    Thanks for the links.

    Hey, can you do a writing prompt where everyone has to write something about this blog?
    That would be interesting.


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