Brief Post on Commenting

In the 3+ years of this blog’s existence, I’ve been humbled by the amazing community that has thrived on Poetic Asides. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way everyone shares their poetry and shares their thoughts on others’ poems. It’s really great!

That said, there have been a few times in which I’ve had to step in and remind poets I do have a certain, and I think reasonable, expectations when it comes to commenting. To make those easy to grasp, I’m going to provide a short list:

  • Do not criticize other poets’ beliefs. I know this can be a gray area at times, but I don’t want to see arguments over politics, religion, belief systems, etc. This is a poetry blog, so let’s stay focused on the poetry.
  • Please refrain from writing epic comments. I have recently started deleting comments that are significantly longer than a sestina. It makes it hard to read everyone’s work when there are such epic poems (or groups of epic poems) as one comment.
  • Have fun. Poetry is enjoyable–both to read and write–so please have fun.

Be nice, concise, and have fun. It’s that simple.


Also, if you encounter a problem on the blog, please let me know by e-mailing me at


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7 thoughts on “Brief Post on Commenting

  1. Marie Elena

    Bless your heart, Robert. Thank you for your endless patience, guidance, time, and obvious love that you put into this.

    Although I’ve been mostly absent of late, I still consider this "my" poetic community, and strongly desire to become a contributing citizen again soon. I’m going to try my hardest to participate in the April challenge again. Your care to bring up this tender topic is greatly appreciated.

  2. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Thanks Robert…you have always demonstrated a wonderful sense of balance which has encouraged all to keep writing and embraced new poetic posters. Considering the personal challenges and joys of your own life your sensitive yet steady hand has edited the poem that is the Poetic Aside community. Happy Spring….

  3. Walt Wojtanik

    Thanks for that Robert. AS PL of this wonderful place, (at least until June),
    I appreciate every you have done to make the "process" the thing. I hate to think the turmoil of past "indecretions" would reflect badly on the Poetic Asides community as a whole. It is a great place to write and share, and I for one have found it a sanctuary of a sort. To read, write, learn and grow. Your leadership is a Godsend.


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