Announcing the New Editor of Writer's Digest Magazine

Jessica-Strawser-2.jpgWhen I first joined the Writer’s Digest community in 2001, I had the great pleasure of having Jessica Strawser as a colleague on Writer’s Digest magazine. Our paths diverged after a couple years, but now we’re working together once again on this publication that brings out our most heartfelt enthusiasm and creativity.

During her first turn at Writer’s Digest, Jessica contributed and edited monthly magazine columns about writing successes, critiques, and careers, and also served as executive editor of multiple special issues (such as the ever-popular Writer’s Yearbook). Since her leave from the magazine, she’s had experience in marketing and public relations, online writing and editing, and book publishing, most recently as managing editor for North Light Books.

Fans of Writer’s Digest magazine, as well as future fans, have much to look forward to. Jessica has a passion and expertise for the writing community that’s accompanied by a fresh perspective and a curiosity essential for our continuing mission to be the most informative and trusted source for writers.

Please join me in welcoming Jessica: a fellow writer and a fellow editor (and, it must be said, fellow book lover).

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0 thoughts on “Announcing the New Editor of Writer's Digest Magazine

  1. Anthony Buccino

    Welcome back. I’ve been reading WD since the early 70s (and have most of them in my attic) so the first thing I’m going to ask you do to is make the typeface bigger and bolder in the articles. Fancy graphics and reverse type are fine for web pages, but remember I’ve been reading the paper mag for forty years and, boy, are my eyes tired.

    PS – Don’t forget to keep some surprise humor in each issue.

  2. Jessica

    Thank you all for the kind comments! I am so excited and humbled to be back at WD, and I look forward to connecting with all of you here and in the magazine in the coming months.

  3. Bonnie Neubauer

    Hi, Jessica. We’ve never met, but I thought I’d send you a welcome message. So, welcome back. Or, perhaps a better greeting would be welcome home, since WD is such a nice family. I look forward to (hopefully) working with you.
    One of the extended family,
    -Bonnie Neubauer, Author of Write-Brain Workbook and Take Ten for Writers


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