What's Your Most Embarrassing Moment As a Writer?

Let’s face it: We all make mistakes. But the best writers learn from them, rise above them and even find ways to transform them into happy accidents.

What embarrassing moment have you overcome to become a better writer?

Here’s a story about MY most embarrassing moment!

Whether your story is funny, humbling or an important lesson learned the hard way, Writer’s Digest wants to hear from you. Share your experience in 150 words or fewer and e-mail it—along with your name, city and state—to writersdigest@fwmedia.com with “Lessons Learned” in the subject line.

Your story could appear in a future issue of Writer’s Digest. (All submissions will be considered for publication and may be edited for clarity or space.)

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Benjamin Sobieck is a Wattpad Star and 2016 Watty Award winner. He’s best known on Wattpad for Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective, the Watty Award–winning sequel Black Eye, and When the Black-Eyed Children Knock & Other Stories. Four of his titles have appeared on Wattpad Top 100 Hot Lists, all at the same time.

6 thoughts on “What's Your Most Embarrassing Moment As a Writer?

  1. Deborah Bouziden

    Geez. I’ve had so many embarrassing moments where do I start. I will share the one that includes WD. One of my early goals was to get published in WD Magazine. I finally caught a break. My editor was William Brohaugh. I worked hard on the article, got it finished, ran a copy of it and mailed it in. (This was before email.) About five days later, Bill called. "We like the article," he said, "but we would also like the rest of it." When I made the photocopy, I left page 5 on the copy machine.

  2. Susan May Gudge

    This was not exactly a most embarassing moment but it sure was a humbling experience. I finally published my book and awaited the copies. When I received them I was so excited. Then I noticed that they had spelled my name WRONG on the spine. So much for feeling ‘famous’…instead of Gudge they put Grudge.

  3. Amarissa Cale

    A while back, I gave Mum’s friend a couple chapters I was working on. As my work is, to me, historical romance, I thought adding one of the ‘steamier’ chapters would make for interesting reading. The embarrassment came when Mum’s friend called and said her husband loved it. To make matters worse, Mum asked me to drive her to her friends for a visit! My cheeks were cheery-coloured the entire visit!
    Mum’s friend’s hubby just had to tell me he wanted to read more…

  4. Darrelyn Saloom

    My pitch fest debacle was my most embarrassing event. But I may have another today as I limp on stage with a cane in Fairhope, Alabama, to sit on a paned and discuss creative nonfiction. I tripped and sprained my right ankle last night. My wonderful hosts have loaded me with Advil and icepacks and now have to drive me to the event.

  5. Lynne M Spreen

    Giant conference. Giant workshop within conference. Prominent teacher, talented attendees. My spontaneous decision to leap up and attempt a 2-minute summation of WIP was such a spectacular failure I all but had an accident right there. But a good warning for future such attempts!


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