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  • There Are No Rules

There's No Rule That Says You Get Steadily Better

Categories: Craft & Technique, Fun, General, Interviews.

A guy who once thought he’d be a poet (then realized years later how bad his work was) decided to make a documentary about bad writing.

He interviews more than a dozen established writers, including people like Margaret Atwood, Steve Almond, David Sedaris, and Lee Gutkind. (The title of this post is a direct quote from Atwood.)

The documentary isn’t currently enjoying wide distribution, but there are some wonderful moments in the trailer. Watch below, and/or visit the site for “Bad Writing: The Movie.”

Hat tip to one of my writing students, Brett Valls, for finding and sharing this with me.

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2 Responses to There's No Rule That Says You Get Steadily Better

  1. The video is hilarious. Bad writer but comedic filmmaker. Thank you Brett Valls, lucky student of Jane’s.

  2. Porter Anderson says:

    Thanks for this clip, Jane. FYI, there are a few screenings scheduled for coming days on the film’s site. Since it’s not showing where I am, I’m hoping to see it go to Netflix so we all can stream it. You’re right, the trailer is disturbingly good. :-)

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