There's No Rule That Says You Get Steadily Better

A guy who once thought he’d be a poet (then realized years later how bad his work was) decided to make a documentary about bad writing.

He interviews more than a dozen established writers, including people like Margaret Atwood, Steve Almond, David Sedaris, and Lee Gutkind. (The title of this post is a direct quote from Atwood.)

The documentary isn’t currently enjoying wide distribution, but there are some wonderful moments in the trailer. Watch below, and/or visit the site for “Bad Writing: The Movie.”

Hat tip to one of my writing students, Brett Valls, for finding and sharing this with me.

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2 thoughts on “There's No Rule That Says You Get Steadily Better

  1. Porter Anderson

    Thanks for this clip, Jane. FYI, there are a few screenings scheduled for coming days on the film’s site. Since it’s not showing where I am, I’m hoping to see it go to Netflix so we all can stream it. You’re right, the trailer is disturbingly good. 🙂