My Thoughts on Drinking + Life + Writing

This week, I’m the featured interview over at Drinking Diaries, a site devoted to women’s experiences with alcohol.

I had 2 thoughts when I was invited to participate:

  1. Oh, fun!!!
  2. Oh no.

The stereotype of the alcoholic writer always makes me a little self-conscious when I talk about drinking, or liking to drink. I’m just waiting for someone to tell me it’s a bad habit, it’s a bad idea, or—as one person said to me on Twitter—I have a death wish.

But not every writer’s relationship with alcohol has to be tortured or unhealthy. There are so many cautionary tales about alcohol that maybe it’s time to talk about how it is in fact possible to be a writer and drink while being a better person overall.

To read more of my thoughts, click here.

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5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Drinking + Life + Writing

  1. Jane Friedman

    @Steven – I like the way your cardiologist thinks! Thanks for taking the time to comment, as always.

    @Diana – Well, to be fair, the interview isn’t on this blog. It’s through another outlet. Next time you’re not interested in knowing more about who I am, don’t click through, right?

  2. Diana

    Hi Jane,
    I read your blog every day and I enjoy it and learn a lot from it. I took one of your on-line classes and I enjoyed that, too. However, one thing I could’ve lived forever without knowing is your drinking habits.
    Not trying to be obnoxious, I’m just saying. Not really why I read your blog.
    Have an otherwise nice day 🙂

  3. Steven M Moore

    Hi Jane!
    The bio page of my website shows where my predilections lie: Irish beers and ales and Irish whiskey (thrice-distilled, by the way, compared to the twice with scotch and once with bourbon).
    I drank more in my youth than now, including Colombian aguardiente (literally "firewater," clear rum with anise flavor, the Colombian national drink). My cardiologist has repeatedly recommended a nip at night for cardiovascular improvement–I’m not one to argue.
    I can’t say that it helps me write, but I have learned a lot more about people when they lose their inhibitions, so that’s bound to creep into the writing.
    Love your phrase "I’m an introvert who also drinks"–describes me to a T. Maybe I’m just following the Irish tradition (stereotype?) but I never get sauced.
    Take care.


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