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Happy News About My Teaching Future

Categories: Fun, General.

As many of you are aware, for the past academic year, I’ve been serving as a full-time visiting assistant professor of electronic media, at the University of Cincinnati.

When I signed up for the gig, I knew it was only for a year—but of course I hoped that if it was a good fit, I could stay longer.

And so I’m honored and thrilled to announce that I’ve been officially appointed as a full-time assistant professor. I’ll continue teaching UC’s e-media majors a mix of writing, production, and media theory courses.

Not much changes as far as the work I do here at No Rules—or my contributions to Writer’s Digest—but I wanted to share my happy news with you all.

P.S. If you know students headed to college who are interested in multimedia storytelling, the future of media/journalism, or media production work, then they should check out the e-media major at UC!

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18 Responses to Happy News About My Teaching Future

  1. Dawn Herring says:

    I wanted to wish you congrats on your news! I’m thrilled for you. I so enjoy your blog, your presence on Facebook and Twitter, and all you share from your experience and knowledge in the publishing industry and in life.
    I’m happy to know you.
    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    JournalWriter Freelance

  2. Thanks to everyone for their exceptionally kind words! I am blessed to have excellent timing in this life, which helps.

    @Mary – Afraid there’s no distance learning available … yet!

  3. Debra Marrs says:

    Congratulations, Jane. I understand how much this means to you! The students and fellow-faculty are SO lucky to have you. They no doubt recognize what a great thought-leader you are in the publishing biz field. I’m pleased, too, just SO pleased! Write on!

  4. Mary Tod says:

    Congratulations, Jane. How exciting to have your skills reaffirmed. Is there a possibility that the e-media course is offered via distance learning?

  5. Tom Bentley says:

    Jane, I’m sending you the pipe and the tweed coat with the leather elbows—you’ve already got the bourbon-drinking down.


  6. Jane,

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful news. I know you’ve worked very hard for this, and it’s great that your efforts have paid off.

    Best, Cynthia.

    P.S. Am building my website using wordpress.org using the TwentyTen theme, and it seems to be going much better, despite the inevitable glitches.

  7. Exciting news! Congratulations.

  8. Jane, this is an accomplishment for you that you were hoping would happen. Congratulations to a very deserving person on becoming a full-time assistant professor teaching e-media majors at the University of Cincinnati.

  9. Congratulations Jane. What wonderful news! My nephew will graduate in a few weeks from UC’s Conservatory. I encouraged him to take a course with you, but time being what it is, he couldn’t fit it. I hope other conservatory students will fare better in the years ahead. Seems to me creativity demands flexible boundaries. All the best to you.

  10. Congratulations! Having heard you speak, I’m sure you’re an excellent teacher.

  11. Congrats, Jane!
    This is a big step and a big responsibility.
    I taught 12 years in South America and a few in the States. It’s a mixed bag–you have students that vary from the enthusiastic to the "don’t-care." The former are morale boosters; the latter are downers. Grading homework and exams can be daunting. But you know all of this.
    I was never one to think that teachers go into teaching because they can’t do anything else. I’ve always enjoyed working with and mentoring young, energetic, and bright kids. Most of the time the feeling was reciprocal. Even in company jobs, I gathered my flock of fledglings. I often learned as much from them as they did from me. Most seemed to respond well to find an adult that cared.
    So enjoy…and glad to see all your WD activity will remain the same.
    Take care.

  12. John Sundman says:

    Congrats, Jane.

    They’re lucky to have you. You’re the real deal. Your students are lucky. Hope they realize they have a rock star for a prof. (But since they’re students, & young, we’ll have to accept that most of them will have no idea what a great deal they’re getting.)

    Had U.C. not extended the offer I might have been tempted to think dark thoughts about the University. But now I think I’ll just launch U.C. a step or two (or more) forward in my mental ranking of U.S. universities.

    Rock star. Bourbon-drinking rock star.

    Proud to know you.

  13. Excellent news. Major congratulations. I grew up in an academic family and I know how tense it can be waiting for news of a permanent appointment. I hope you’re going to do some serious celebrating!

  14. Dear Jane,


    Having just completed a 35 year career teaching US and US Women’s History, I can tell you there is nothing more rewarding, except of course writing, which I am now able to do full time.

    Have lots of fun in your career.

    M. Louisa

  15. tara tyler says:

    you go girl!
    for some reason i thot you were in ny, but go bearcats! you’re just down town from me. small world =)

  16. Michael says:

    Wonderful news: congratulations, Jane! UC is very lucky to have you.

  17. Nancy Parish says:

    Congrats! Very well deserved.


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