A Wonderful Prompt to Help You Gather Material

Writers are often asked how they find their ideas.

Author Stefanie Freele says “the world gushes prompts,” and in the latest Glimmer Train bulletin, she gives us a thought-provoking prompt to help us explore the ideas surrounding us:

Pretend you have been gifted the day off from life tomorrow. Someone else is going to step in and be you. Your substitute has already been briefed on the basics: your routine, where you work, your schedule, your general lifestyle and responsibilities. He or she will take care of it all. However, your stand-in doesn’t know your idiosyncrasies, your quirks, your foibles, your eccentricities. You need to fill the substitute in on the peculiar details: Since you’re going to be me tomorrow, you’ll need to know the following …

Go read the Freele’s full article, “On Gathering Material.”

Or click here for the newest Glimmer Train bulletin, with wonderful advice for working writers.

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