Writers and the Recession: How Can You Succeed?

I was interviewed by Tad Richards of the New York Careers Examiner. We discuss writing, publishing, recession, and how everything is changing … and how writers need to shift strategy to succeed. A snippet:

TR: With print periodicals in danger of becoming dinosaurs, what’s the future there for writers?

JF: Where is journalism headed or what will happen? I have no idea.
We’re in the middle of a huge transformation in the culture, and it’s
nearly impossible to say how it will shake out. Clay Shirky wrote a fabulous essay on this 
that I highly recommend to every writer. I do think the culture is
headed into a media environment that does not value advertising, but
has a lot of respect for content. Writers who can build a trust factor
and also specialize in reaching a particular audience should find
plenty of opportunities no matter what happens. Being online and being
engaged (the social media thing) will be essential. Everything will be
more community-driven … but how all of this will be monetized and
provide writers/journalists with a living … We’ll see!

Click here for the full interview.

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