When Do the Old Rules Still Apply (in Life, Love, and Publishing)?

I’m a sucker for the quotations on Starbucks cups, what they call “The
Way I See It”
sadly will be no more until the holiday season ends (they’ve switched
to the festive red cups now).

Tom Brokaw (The Way I See It #130) was featured on my recent latte:

will do us little good to wire the world if we short-circuit our souls.
… This transformational new technology must be an extension of our
hearts as well as of our minds.

In a recent HR training session
at F+W, I watched a video called “Shift Happens,” available here on
. It emphasizes how much has changed due to technology, globalization, increased access to information. The question posed afterwards was: What do you take away from this?

first thing I thought of was the Tom Brokaw quote. The more information
we have to deal with,  and the less we comprehend, the more we
have to rely on what is human about us. And our actions still have the same causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire (Aristotle).

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0 thoughts on “When Do the Old Rules Still Apply (in Life, Love, and Publishing)?

  1. Lisa

    As I read your post on my laptop, my husband is sitting a few feet away listening to music on his iPod touch while reading a free downloaded novel on the device. We sit together in our living room, a fire burning in our fireplace – albeit a gas log rather than the real thing.

    And so I pictured my own parents sitting in their living room, my mother knitting and my father reading the paper. And with our post in mind, I came to the conclusion that in the end, we’ve kept our soul along the way. New technology and even fake fires, yes – that’s changed. But we’re still sitting together in our living room on a Saturday night sharing the evening together in our own quiet pursuits.

    Thanks for an enjoyable post!


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