WD Editors' Intensive Cheat Sheet

A huge thanks to all the wonderful writers who are visiting our offices this weekend for Saturday’s educational workshops, plus Sunday’s critique day. I hope you took away some useful action steps on your path to publication.

As promised, I’m posting some resources and links that we discussed during our time together. If I’ve missed anything you were hoping for, don’t hesitate to comment on the post, and I’ll add more info as needed. (And for those attendees who have useful links to share, please post in comments as well.)

Agent/Query Research

Chuck’s blog (Guide to Literary Agents)
PublishersMarketplace (fee-based)
Miss Snark

Community Writing & Publishing Sites


DIY/Self-Publishing Sites (Free/Next to Free)

Smashwords (partnership with Stanza, the iPhone e-reader)
CreateSpace (Amazon-related)

Blogging and Site Building

GoDaddy (domain registration)
JaneFriedman.com (example of my lifestreaming homepage using Storytlr)

General Social Networking

Facebook (I accept all friend requests; also look for Writer’s Digest page)
Twitter (@JaneFriedman and @WritersDigest)
LinkedIn (you can network with me here too)
Ping.fm (to coordinate your status updates among all social networking sites)

Previous & Helpful Blog Posts

Other Events You Might Want to Try

List of Attendees

If you did not receive an e-mail giving you online access to this list, drop me a note.

Interested in the next Writer’s Digest Editors’ Intensive—on June 20-21? We’ll soon be opening for registration here.

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2 thoughts on “WD Editors' Intensive Cheat Sheet

  1. shelli johannes-wells

    Hi jane,

    I don’t know if it applies on this list but I run a Marketing blog for authors/illustrators that offers daily Marketing tips (my day job – I have been a Marketing Consultant for 15 years and own my own Marketing biz).

    I also do interviews with editors, agents, authors, and illustrators every Monday where they offer marketing advice.

    Also – FYI – Alice Pope is my Marvelous Marketer for tomorrow 🙂
    Market My Words (www.faeriality.blogspot.com) Just to give her a well-deserved plug 😉


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